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Yoga Pillow

After a long tiring work out, nothing can be top off soothing effect the relaxation pose gives. The savasana practiced with eyes closed and lying down on floor, relaxes the body and mind. But many people might find it hard to lie down without a support under the neck or even may experience stinging eyes. For such people, FitDango offers the top brands’ neck pillows and eye bags products for a calm, comforting effect.
The eye bags and neck pillows we provide are of top quality, heat resistant and comforting. The eye bags available with us are perfect way to end a yoga workout or to relax at home to get relief from puffy, sore eyes and for headaches. These eye bags can be custom filled with aromatic herbs for a fragrant therapy.
The neck pillows are available in two different types (round and arc shaped) and contours conveniently to the neck providing a great relief. The soft covers gives a soothing feel at touch and are made of fine quality materials. Available in different colors, custom fillings, both Yoga eye bags and neck pillows are easily maintainable, lightweight and portable.