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Yoga workouts or any exercise routines usually result in heavy sweating and consequently cause slippery hands and legs. A yoga towel or a rug is a good accessory to carry, and is designed especially to prevent you from slipping on the mat and to keep you dry.
Find the best quality yoga towels and rugs with us at FitDango, which are very good absorbents and are totally lightweight. Available in different colors, they perfectly fit on every kind of yoga mat and can be easily maintained. The yoga towels or rugs are manufactured in such a way that they can absorb huge amounts of sweat and yet dries off within no time.
We provide you yoga towels from top brands like Hugger Mugger, Gaiam and many more, that are safe and hygienic to use. These towels are made of material that are safe to be used even by the people with sensitive skin without suffering from any allergies.
Soft to the touch and designed to last long after many washes, the yoga towels available in our store are stylish, colorful and pleasing to the eye. Available in cotton, microfibers and Bamboo extracts, and poly cotton blend, the Yoga towel is one accessory that everyone must include in their yoga bags along with blocks, mats, clothing.