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Practicing yoga and in need of a support under your neck with a soft and comfortable feel? Yoga Blankets can be the best replacements of any uncomfortable pillow and can give steady support without sliding and keep you warm. These yoga blankets are designed for comfort and are chemical free and long lasting. Instead of many yoga props, one or two yoga blankets folded or used together can replace yoga mats, bolsters, rugs and blocks. These blankets conform to your spine, back muscles to reduce the pain, reduce stress on joints, give good grip for feet and hands while using it as a mat for workout. They are of immense aid during the restorative yoga poses and shoulder and headstand poses. Also, because of the soft and comfortableness, they are used generally as home decor, on the bed, as a vehicle seat cover, or during picnics and more.

Made of soft, allergen free and 100% natural material such as wool, cotton etc. these blankets are the best alternatives for those who do not like those squishy and sticky mats. These blankets are durable, washable, thick and heavy for providing ultimate warmth and relief from sore back and muscles. The Yoga Blankets from lend an effective backing during yoga practices, as a bolster or meditation cushion or a mat. Shop with us at today for a comfortable yoga practice with our top quality blankets that are lightweight, heavy and dense.