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Balancing ourselves while doing yoga postures such as standing on one leg is very difficult. Also bending, twisting without any support or getting hurt is a challenging task to achieve. Beginners may find few poses problematic to practice. For advanced yoga practitioners, deepening of poses and stretching further is important.
Find the best of Yoga straps from top brands for deep and relaxed workouts. These yoga straps are long, sturdy and handy enough to give space, tensile strength, good grip. The straps are provided with buckles or D-rings for safety. In some asanas like standing head to knee pose, balancing pose, mountain pose, tree pose, cow face etc. where support of yoga props are needed very much, yoga straps will fill the need with perfect fit.
The yoga straps available at FitDango are known for good grip, offer different resistance levels, for exercising Pilates and slimming muscles. They are light weight, washable, easily maintained, and portable.  We provide Yoga straps in different lengths suitable for people from short, medium height to taller. Made out of cotton, these straps are safe to use and do not slip off easily.