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Sand Bags

Trying to hold a yoga pose for longer periods of time for an effective workout? Forget the uncomfortable props you are using and get a yoga sandbag. A versatile product, that not only can be used in yoga poses, but also during everyday activities. Want to know how? Read on!

Sandbags are the yoga props that are used in various yoga poses, especially in poses like Iyengar, supportive or Restorative kind. The Yoga sandbags also add load for an extra stretch for an effective workout. They allow you to remain in one pose for a lengthier period of time so that you can concentrate and practice perfectly without much effort or any stress. 

Available in different options as filled sandbags or unfilled sandbags with fillings as rice, dried beans, sand, herbs, few flower petals or essential oils for an aromatic therapy, these sand bags help you to do your stretches deeper and for core and total strength training. understands the importance of the proper yoga practice and brings to you the weighted sandbags of top brands and finest quality for an immense workout.