: Buddhist Zafu Meditation Cushion Set For Travel-Inflatable,Zabuton - Yoga & Pilates

Meditation Cushions

Have you ever tried to meditate in a peaceful environment without feeling discomfort while sitting cross-legged on the floor? Have you ever felt the need of a support for proper posture without hurting your back or spine? Then FitDango Meditation Cushions are the solution for you for a serene experience and maximum benefits as meditation is known to fetch peacefulness to mind and body.
Made out of fine quality fabrics, available in different color ranges (solid or printed), different textures, these cushions come in different sizes and shapes to conform to body contours; made to give you the support and needed elevation at hips for easy seating, reclining yoga postures.
We also offer you meditative benches and futons or zabutons for an entirely different level of meditative experience.  You can shop with us for best of the cushions, which are fitted with handles for easy carry and are light-weighted. The filling of these cushions, cotton or buckwheat hull are great for beginners as well as others.