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Yoga Toe Socks

Set Descending Direction

Trying for various yoga props and workouts on the floor? Then these Yoga Footwear are made just for you! The Toe socks are the socks that are woven to cover each toe separately as the same way a glove covers the fingers. These socks are available in varying lengths from ankle socks to knee-high or over-knee socks. These socks are also accessible in rubberized underside version, as a substitute to bare footedness for yoga.

Toe socks are designed and available for both men and women, and are aimed initially to provide with good grasp and traction on the floor, offering a non-slip base and to help you to keep your feet warmer and cleaner. These toe socks come with the option of fully covered toes or half toe socks.

At, as we understand that many do not wish to use yoga mats and would like to work with bare hands and feet, we bring to them, the best of the footwear for a good traction and hygienic base. Also, these toe socks are available in different materials for your comfort. What are you waiting for? Go grab a pair for yourselves today only at