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Comfort is an essential criterion in Yoga; to reduce stress or pressure on the body and avoid getting injured while performing an asana. For supporting back muscles, spinal cord, buttocks, and pelvic region and for prenatal yoga workouts, many use yoga props like bolsters, pillows or cushions for support.
Shop with us for best yoga bolsters, for a comfortable and stylish workout that suits you well. We provide yoga bolsters that are sturdy yet lightweight and easily maintainable. The Bolsters are provided along with removable covers, handles fitted for easy portability, available in variety of colors, textures and sizes, for different purposes.
You may find the bolsters are of best quality with fine fabric covers, which are preferred by the yoga teachers the most while teaching or practicing yoga.  
We deliver you varieties of bolsters to choose from with custom fillings. The currently available fillings for bolsters are cotton filling with foam padding, buckwheat hulls, and sand, grains mixed with aromatic herbs and flowers and more for a therapeutic workout.