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Yoga Wedges

Can’t keep your hands or feet flat on the floor? Place a Yoga Wedge under the hands and feet to improve your firmness on the ground and practice yoga asanas with proper alignment and without any stress or strain on the joints.

Yoga Wedges are used and found to be of immense help by the yoga experts and trainers, who do not have the litheness or enough practice to properly carry out some of the advanced or hard yoga poses. Made out of different materials such as wood, foam or cork and others, these wedges are used according to the yoga asana and for proper support. These wedges are lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Yoga trainers find this very useful and recommend the use of Yoga props during a training class. 

These wedges are found to be of massive assistance in supported and restorative yoga poses and are known to provide backing and ease over distending of joints, such as your wrists and ankles, etc. These wedges also help you in building strength and stability in the wrists and other muscles and joints. 

As we at, understand how important it is to use a good prop for a perfect and relaxed posture, we always bring to you the choicest of the products and our Yoga Wedges are tested and recommended by the Yoga Gurus and experts. Get one today from our FitDango store and see the results yourself!