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Yoga Blocks

Tired of difficult asanas? Do you feel pain in major muscle groups while practicing yoga? It might be because of the abnormal yoga practices and limited body flexible movements! FitDango offers you the best solution in the form of top quality yoga blocks of various brands to continue your practice of yoga without much trouble.
Very good supports for restorative yoga and inversion yoga poses, these blocks are easily portable, lightweight yet dense, hard and sturdy. More importantly these are good for prenatal yoga practice without hurting back, spine or hip muscles. These blocks are often utilized by regular yoga practitioners to deepen their asanas and for ensuring proper alignment in stretches.
Available in wood, cork and foam material, these blocks come in different sizes and colors for a colorful, immense and narrow profile trainings. The rounded off edges and hollow core in wood, these yoga blocks are either block shaped or wedge shaped and provides you with a good grip for hands and heels.