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Yoga – is an ancient form of practicing physical, mental and spiritual discipline. It is the oldest form of art that speaks of body training – toning and conditioning for a healthier lifestyle. It defines various asanas or postures and poses that tone and strengthens the body. It is a form of discipline that helps one to revive from a hard day’s work and relaxes body and mind through Meditation and removes all traces of exhaustion and fatigue. The meditative pose is recognized to bring quietude to mind and body and also it emphases the mind and rejuvenates it.


Yoga is the form of exercising or workout which requires a lot of stretching or bending. This kind of yoga asana helps you attain flexibility, body coordination and poise. For all these to start with, one must need non-slippery carpeting or an or a support so that we do not lose a sense of balance while at work out. All such gear,Yoga Products & Supplies needed for your yoga practice, such as a non-slippery surface mats or other supportive gear that helps you to train in a comfortable way, or to meditate in a serene atmosphere, whatever the need might be; you can find everything with us here at FitDango.