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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions is an agreement you agree by default as soon as you visit FitDango website. It is the legal binding regulating FitDango’s relationship and your usage of the website tools and services. The words “WEBSITE”, “WE”, “US” and “OUR” everything in the content legally points out to the site “FitDango” or “FitDango.com”. The terms and conditions are explicitly applicable to the website only and applicable to the policies incorporated within by way of reference. You are by default subjected to the guidelines, rules, agreements and terms that govern the website for accessing of the website, registered profile and other services you make avail of.

Every individual access to the website, purchase or transactions, any kind of communications with us, is by default subjected to the policies along with the policies that state you are bound to the obligations of the website FitDango.com.

Terms of sale and dispatch

All the orders placed with us are subjected to the terms and conditions and are subject to the  availability of the items and confirmation of the pricing only. Also, the products, though processed and shipped accordingly as soon as possible, time of deliveries may vary and we are not responsible for any postal delays or force majeure.


We may also uphold the right to cancel any order without prior intimation at any time in case, the stocks for the orders that are unavailable and were not procured within a period of time and we might terminate the orders and the money will be refunded within few days of the termination and the same might be intimated to you through email or via a phone call.  Also, the terms and conditions or a part of it that relates to the website FitDango.com may get terminated or modified without any reason or intimation at any time. The provisions related to the Copyrights, Trademark, Disclaimer, and miscellaneous shall endure the dissolution.

Limitation of Liability

The customer is solely responsible for the purchases made from our site and for the proper use of the products thereof. We exclude all warranties, terms and conditions to the fullest extent as permitted by the law. We are not responsible or liable, either directly or indirectly, for any kind of damage, or injury arising out of improper use of the products and also are not responsible for the loss occurred out of decline of transaction authorization.


We at FitDango.com do not recommend or endorse personally any brand or product and do not have any other affiliated sites directly related to us. Hence beware of the fraudulent claims and merchandise in the name of FitDango.com. We are not responsible for any kind of product(s) or brand(s) and all the merchandise and their descriptions are true to the point. The products shipped from our end are subject to the terms and policies of the company and are of high quality without any damage. However, we are not responsible for any postal damages and can replace a product within the period of warranty as discussed in our shipment and privacy policies.


The entire content embedded in the website is copyrighted as a collective work under copyright laws and is entirely of FitDango.com. You may be granted access to the electronic copy for reading or printing the hard copy for understanding the terms and conditions or to place order with us. Any other purpose that does not come under the legal authorization will be treated as a violation and is strictly prohibited and you will be prohibited immediately from accessing the site without any further notice.