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Golf is a Club and Ball sport that is a very popular game around the globe. It is considered to be the one of the elite or classic games that can be played by anyone of all ages, without much difficulty. Though the origins are unknown to many, clearly, the modern day classic game was originated in the 15th century Scotland. 
The Golf is so popular that it can safely assume that many over million are obsessed with the game. Though it sounds simple, getting hold of the rules, and putting the ball in the hole within few strokes is difficult because of the distance of the golf course. It is one of the few games where there isn’t a standard specified area size. 
The interesting fact about Golf is that the Golf clubs vary from one to another and it is often required for the Golfer to carry different kind of Golf clubs to hit the ball depending on the area, the position of the ball, shapes and hazards of the course the ball fell within.  
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