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The two of the oldest known fighting styles of the eastern culture, the Karate and Kung Fu are different forms that defined the martial arts around the world. The Chinese martial arts or Kung Fu has been known to involve various fighting styles and has evolved over the centuries, while Karate or Japanese martial arts was developed through fighting methods. Overall the various fighting styles, the Chinese martial arts exercise or practicing is known to use the wide array of weapons. This form of training has been the most difficult and also an intriguing form of practice for many and to reach this level of training, one has to go through various levels of progressive learning.

Weapons training is considered as the basic training form in Chinese martial arts and the weapon is considered as an extension of the body. And the Martial Arts Weapons around the world available come from the famous forges of Shaolin Temple, Dragon Well, Long Chuan and other famous forges. To get these weapons and start training for advanced level of martial arts training, you now need not search everywhere as brings to your doorstep the famous martial arts weapons like Nunchaku, Kung Fu weapons, Straight Swords, Bo & Jo and others from top brands like Tiger Claw etc., And forges like Dragon well, Shaolin and other well-known forges.