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Chest /Rib Guards

Sparring is a form of fighting sports, exercise that uses an open style of combat techniques with rules and regulations not to make any grave injuries or damage. Sparring gear is used in many combat sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Chinese and Japanese martial arts, taekwondo, and other fighting sports.

It is a form of fighting technique, known for high-performance and high-velocity training and competitions. It involves a lot of throws, punches, kicks, grappling, striking, and other maneuvers. Though the rules state that Sparring must not make any serious damage or injury, players or combatants often suffer from injuries and fall down and suffer from sore backs.

Often Sparring techniques require the combatant to wear Chest Guards or Rib Guards which are designed to provide safety and shock-resistance from high power kicks during sparring in martial arts, all the while offering defense to the precarious area in the chest. understands the importance of kicking maneuvers in martial arts and also the importance of shielding one’s critical area from the high power impacts. Shop with us at, as we bring to you the finest of Products & Supplies and Training Gear for martial arts, today!