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Sparring Gear

Sparring is a form of combat sports training that uses free style of fighting methods with rules and agreements not to make any serious injuries or damage. The sparring is used in many combat sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Chinese and Japanese martial arts, taekwondo, and other fighting sports. Sparring is a style known for high-performance and high-velocity training and competitions. It requires a lot of throws, punches, kicks, grappling, striking, and other maneuvers. Though the rules state that Sparring must not make any serious damage or injury, players or combatants often suffer from injuries and fall down hurting backs.

Due to this, it is often important that students learning to spar or combatants need to wear Sparring Gear such as Head guards, chest guards, shin guards and other accessories that is necessary to protect oneself from any harm or injury. These gears are often designed to withstand tough physical training. is the one stop shop for all such protective gear that can be used for various combat sports. Browse through our catalogue to know more! Shop with us for all your sparring needs and for choicest of products from top brands and more.