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Mechanical Bathroom Scales

Trying to reduce weight and keep an eye over your physique and physical fitness? Then you are at the right place.


To maintain a physique and fitness, it is often required to maintain a fat-free body. Though certain amount of fat is required for the body to function efficiently and effectively, when it exceeds the limit, leads to overweight and obesity which is very harmful for heart and liver functions. Also, high amounts of fat might lead to increase in serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. The level of body fat you should have will vary depending on age and sex.In order to reduce weight, regular exercise and diet plans help us tackle the problem commendably. Getting yourself a Weighing scale or Bathroom Scales can help you so that you can monitor your progress and keep a check on overall health.


Because we at understand your efforts and value the hard work, we bring to your doorstep the finest of Mechanical Bathroom Scales, gathered from around the world of top brands. With the analog or mechanical scales you no longer have to worry about the battery or visibility problems, as they work on a spring mechanism and comeup with easy-to-read dials. Shop with us at today and take the first step into the world of fitness and wellbeing.