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Body Composition Monitors

Trying for weight loss and a healthy body? Find out the factors affecting it first! Body Composition is a measure to describe the amount of fat percentage, bone density, water and muscle in our human body. The body composition measurements are very essential in the world of physical fitness and there are simple measuring devices to estimate body composition and in general, always the body fat percentage.It is often important for us to keep an eye over this body composition as the percentage amounts of muscle, water and fat change, the fitness of an individual is visibly affected. Human bodies generally require a certain quantity of fat to function efficiently, but too much fat can have a damaging effect on the overall health.


A high level of fat in the body, increases the risk of developing more serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Hence, it is said that, an individual with a typical body composition metrics is generally healthier than others.The body composition is measured through the Body Mass Index that is Height to Weight Index Ratio and is generally calculated using the principle of BIA or Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis. Along with this measure, the Body Composition Monitors use additional information like height, weight, age and gender information, to produce results established in pre-determined data on body composition.


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