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Yoga For Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Congratulations on your pregnancy. Do you practice Yoga? Well, its good for your health and you need it right now! During this pregnancy period, you can experience a multitude of physical changes that calls for a different way of approach to practice yoga. Knowing how to practice yoga during this pregnancy time is crucial for the health of both mother and child and the continued practice can also help you in easy delivery and can ensure baby’s health.

Also, from the first trimester till the delivery, your body goes through many changes from the protruding belly, mood swings to shortness of breath, fatigue, and swelling, and other discomforts. Yoga practice such as Pranayama can help you to manage the pain of contraction, and meditation can help out in improving the ability to relax and calm down.

yoga for pregnancy

Also, a woman can experience back pain, indigestion, stress, and other pregnancy-related issues during these 9 months and few yoga poses will help you ease the discomfort. Here are the top 3 poses that you can practice during your pregnancy make this time go smoothly without any hitch.

1. Warrior pose or veerabhadrasana: This pose is very helpful during your second trimester of pregnancy and also will increase your confidence levels. To practice this asana, stand straight and keep your feet apart as far as 4 feet apart. Now raise your arms parallel to the floor, equal to your shoulder blades level. Turn your right foot out 90 degrees and stand firm taking the grip of your left foot heel on the floor aligned with the right heel. Now exhale and push forward your right leg. Inhale and come back to the normal position. Reverse the feet and repeat for the same length of time to the left.

Benefits: This yoga pose is very helpful in stretching the groins, chest and lungs, shoulders, stimulates abdominal organs, increases stamina, relieves backaches, especially through second trimester of pregnancy and is a therapeutic for carpal tunnel syndrome, flat feet, infertility, osteoporosis, and sciatica

2. Sukhasana or easy pose: Though the name suggests easy pose, during pregnancy sitting cross legged on the floor can be of discomfort. This asana can be practiced with the help of yoga props such as bolsters, rugs or any other.

Benefits: This pose helps you to calm down the brain, control your mood swings during the pregnancy, strengthens your back spinal cord and stretches the knees and ankles gently such that you won’t feel the discomfort or swelling in your legs.

3. Bharadvajasana or spinal twist: To practice this asana, sit on the floor with your legs directly out in front of you. Now, shift over onto your right buttock, twist your knees, and move your legs to the left. Keep your feet on the floor outside your left hip and gently turn your upper torso to the right. Inhale and come back to normal position before you change the direction of your legs and repeat.

Benefits: This yoga pose is good for stretching the spine, shoulders, and hips gently. This pose also massages the abdominal organs, relieves lower backache, neck pain, and sciatica, and helps in relieving stress. It is also good for digestion and is especially good for pregnant women in their second trimester of pregnancy for strengthening the lower back.

There are many other poses you can try out to ease your pregnancy at the time of delivery. Its just a change in your way of approach towards yoga. Never cease to practice yoga. Even pregnancy cannot deter you. Happy practicing.

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