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Yoga for people in old age

As people age, it can be very difficult for the elderly to move, flex and relieve their joints and tight muscles. Practicing yoga as an aged person can be frightening, particularly if you’re out of shape or struggling with health conditions. Practicing the beginner’s yoga pose sequence can be of much help and it warms up the body for a smooth mobility in old age and also bestows us with much more benefits from healthy bones to anxiety relief to lowering of stress levels, keeping the heart in healthy condition. 

For yoga, age is never a setback. It is not only safe for elder people, but also effective for maintaining the mind and body in excellent conditions. For all your needs, either physical or spiritual, there are number of yoga classes out there and all you need to do is to find the right teacher.  With the right guidance, yoga can benefit you in ample ways.

Benefits:  it is almost impossible for the old to practice the regular high intensity level workouts for good cardiac health. This can be replaced effectively by Yoga, which is a low-impact workout that uses maximum your own body weight and no other external weights are used. Hence yoga gives you a high-level workout effect with the least impact on your joints and limbs and ensures that you won’t get hurt anyway.

Also, the gentle stretching exercises in yoga will help you gain flexibility in a long run and ensures that age doesn’t deter your mobility. As the body ages, mobility of limbs and joints can get as limited as possible and almost to a halt. Yoga will help you in avoiding this situation.

For women, as they get older, hormonal levels change and some may go through mood shifts during their menopause period. Yoga postures like sethu bandhasana, janu sirshasana, salabhasana, Padmasana, etc., can control the mood swings and keep you calm in every situation. 

Yoga for people in old age

Other benefits from yoga include relief from osteoporosis, arthritis, improving bone health, relieve stress and anxiety, promote good cardiac health, and control the blood pressure levels and much more.

Try these yoga poses: 

Due to the age and mobility range, few poses that are easy to practice and are recommended especially for senior practitioners like warm up exercises are listed here.

1. Standing poses like kati chakrasana or spinal twists

2. Tree pose

3. Trikonasana or triangle pose

4. Badhakonasana or the butterfly pose

5. Cat-cow stretch

6. Balasana

7. Bhujangasana

8. Salabhasana

9. Janu sirshasana

10. Savasana.

Yoga is never about few poses. Try as many poses as you can and it’ll only make your health better by the day. But as the age progresses, keep a check on your body and your comfort levels so that yoga must not become a bane for you.

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