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Yoga Asanas For Beginners

“Yoga prolongs life” and researches on people who made yoga, part of their life has proved the same. Yoga asanas or yoga exercises is another magnificent practice started by people these days as the definition of everyday life has gone through a drastic change in the 21st century. Stress, tension and work pressure, are the main reasons behind various physical and mental problems that a normal human is facing in his/her day-to-day life. Yoga is the perfect way to achieve complete mental and physical strength, Yoga practice has a direct effect on the internal systems and brings a glow to external soul; it keeps us stress free, strengthens each and every mechanism in the body and is a perfect way to achieve total fitness.

Yoga Asanas For Beginners

Yoga beginner poses focus on uniformity with how optimistic you feel about your life dwindles. If an individual is looking to practice yoga for the first time, it’s significant that he should take things gradually. It is advised not to over practice the postures in the beginning; one should start slow moves until he masters them and then move to advanced levels. It is very important for you to plan the right kind of yoga sequences for beginners, so that later you don't have to worry.

When it comes to yoga positions for beginners, the backbends and the balancing poses can be reasonably tough. The bridge pose can be quite nerve-racking for people who have been deskbound for a long time and for those people who have amassed fat in parts of their bodies. However, the excellent news is that any person can accomplish this pose flawlessly after a few sessions of practice. Do not be anxious if you cannot get this yoga pose accurately even after a few sessions; you will get better at it with live out rehearsal.

There are many yoga positions for beginners, but it’s good that you have a good guidance before starting the training sessions; ideally it is good to practice yoga three to four times a week. Normally for beginners the training will start off with mountain pose, downward facing dog, and pyramid pose. All the yoga asana required you to exercise in standing, back bending, supine and seating. Some of the important aspects of yoga are immovability, litheness and relaxation to enhance your mental and physical well being.


Today’s world has become technically challenged, and almost all the work and business are run setting before the laptop screens, the work has become more stressed, which is affecting the metabolic activities of an individual, hence practicing yoga can fetch you awesome results. For example, you can just be seated at your desk and do Shoulder Circling, Shoulder Shrugs, Stretching Your Neck Sideways and inhale and exhale breathing exercises to keep yourself strong enough to reduce neck and shoulder tension.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere, but the fact is you need to look for a place that is dust free and is comfortable without any distraction for the practice. Yoga Mat is the first and most useful and important yoga accessory that a yoga practitioner of any level uses. There are some best yoga mats for beginners out there in the market today. These mats are essential for you to practice yoga on a beach, outdoor, backyard, home etc… and provide you non-slippery good grip. There are also mats that are eco-friendly and good absorbents.

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