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Why do you need Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise routine that is more focused on developing litheness and strength for the entire body without developing bulky muscles. Pilates is a simple yet a lot of precision and control demanding chain of exercises that will calm down and build up your core strong.  These Pilates workouts can be done anywhere at anytime; either on a mat or on non-slip floor. 

How long will a Pilates session take? : A Pilates session doesn’t require hours together to practice. The workouts depend on the person practicing. Few may train typically for 45-50 minutes while few may workout in less than that. Pilates workouts are a medium intensity level workout that is all about breathing and so, unlike the other hot and hard workout sessions, Pilates engages all the major muscle groups making them stronger but in a gentler way.

What is the areas Pilates target? : During a Pilates session, major muscle groups such as core muscles, legs, glutes, back and joints are targeted. There are about 500 specific exercises in Pilates that are designed to target and develop the total body. These workouts are based on a few clear-cut movements that focus on all major muscle groups without bulking them up.

How do I benefit from Pilates? : Pilates is very versatile form of exercises that can suit anyone’s needs and offers benefits such as physical harmony for people of all ages, connecting  mind and body, providing body balance, helps in the speedy healing of soft tissue injuries.

Pilates also helps in other ways, such as developing proper body alignment as well as breathing, progress concentration, corrects postural problems, assists in preventing any  injury, increases body understanding and improves your blood circulation and much more!

Of all the benefits, the major advantage of Pilates is that you get a flexible and right figured body with strong, toned abdominal, lower back, hips and buttocks muscles without bulky muscles showing up.

why do you need pilates

Is Yoga and Pilates Connected to each other? : Yes! In a way, Yoga and Pilates are connected as Pilates workouts are inspired mostly from Yoga asanas. While yoga speaks of stable and constant body postures, Pilates is based on workouts that are more challenging, unstable routines that challenges your entire body and limbs.

Pilates is a very flexible and adaptable series of exercises that many people tend to practice to accomplish their goals, such as, athletes for power, flexibility and injury prevention etc. Others may tend to practice Pilates for strong and tones core muscles. So, start practicing your Pilates today and see the transformation yourself!

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