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What's trending in the fitness world this 2016

Yet another year has passed and 2016 is fast approaching with a lot of hope and promises. It is the time of the year to fulfill all the promises you made to yourself and the previous year’s resolutions with fervor and enthusiasm. For all the fitness routine followers and those who wish to make fitness resolutions for the upcoming New Year, here’s the top new trending predictions in the world of health & fitness. 

The weight loss has been on the top of the resolution list every year for many and many failed to uphold the attempt. Where the manual routines or DVDs failed to motivate many to stick honestly to their fitness routines, there are few gadgets and wearable technologies that have motivated by providing instantaneous response that can make the person more alert of their fitness activity levels such that they can improve or decrease their speeds accordingly to achieve maximum fitness goals.

While technology has overtaken most of the fields, with many fitness gadgets that are advanced, it plays a major role in the field of health & fitness, sports & outdoors. There are interesting reports on how technology has influenced the sports and fitness fields and about the trends that would be eye catching this upcoming year. So, here we go!

whats trending in the fitness world this 2016

Top trend predictions for the year 2016

1. Wearable technology/gadgets

Amongst hundreds of surveys, this year, there has been a budding demand for wearable fitness gadgets or wearable technology more. These gadgets include a wide range of products such as fitness trackers, smart watches, bathroom scales, heart rate monitors, GPS tracking devices and much more from top brands like Garmin, OMRON, Valeo, Escali and many more. Check the latest gadgets and upgrade your lifestyle into a better one with the ultra-modern wearable clothes and gadgets.

2. Strength training

Strength training surely is a good fitness routine to burn calories, tone your body and build up muscle mass and improve bone health. Also, this strength training provides one a considerable amount of benefits such as improvement in health and well-being, including bone density, building up of muscles, tendons and ligament strength and fortified joints. And this year, strength training is one of the budding workouts that many tend to follow.

3. High Intensity Interval Training

The alternate short time powerful anaerobic workouts with less revival phase is one of the most sought out cardiovascular exercises this year and will predictably continue to be the most considered intense workouts for maximum amounts of benefits. The entire routine takes up to 30 minutes of time giving you an immense effect.

4. Body weight training

The most convenient and sought out routine, the body weight training requires very minimal equipment to burn out calories, and tone up the body. Simple exercises such as push ups, pull-ups, planks, squats, and other exercises help you burn calories quicker using no equipment or minimal equipment.

5. Personal Training

For an effective workout without any strain or error in the procedure or to reach a new fitness goal or learn new techniques, personal trainers are the ideal ones to get the most out of your gym workouts and time.

6. Yoga

With gaining popularity and different new routines popping up, for obesity, weight loss, fitness, etc., the benefits offered by yoga, made it as one of the top trending fitness routines. Yoga is well known to toughen mind and body and improves focus and attentiveness. Yoga is one of the possible best means to achieve health, peace of mind and beauty.

7. Weight loss and Exercise

According to reports and surveys, every year with increasing changes in lifestyle, many people suffer from a serious case of obesity and resolve to lose weight. But most fail to achieve the resolution or stick honestly to their word. Also, weight loss routines and exercises, nutrition, good health diet tips have been topping off the charts of late.

8. Outdoor Activities

Sports and Outdoor activities have always been considered recreational but the amount of calories burned or the benefits one can get from an outdoor activity such as rock climbing, rowing, kayaking, skiing, trekking or outdoor games & sports etc., has become the latest trend for health and fitness lifestyle. A few personal trainers use such outdoor activities for fitness routines.

9. Flexibility and mobility rollers

Made to provide relief for sore backs, massage the body, ease muscle tightness and contractions, increase the blood circulation, provide relief from muscular discomfort or to be used as a part of strength training, flexibility and mobility rollers are gaining popularity amongst the fitness trainers, enthusiasts and geeks. Though the use of rollers is limited to a few, there is a probable prediction of these rollers being in demand the upcoming year for fitness routines and training programs.

10. Circuit training

Circuit training is the foremost, capable way to boost cardiovascular health and muscle stamina. Studies illustrate that Circuit Training helps women more to achieve their aims and resolutions with effective results and continue the routine longer than other kind of exercises or cut down on the intake.

Apart from these top 10 fitness trends, there are many other predictable and trending fitness routines such as functional fitness, fitness programs for older adults, group personal training, health promotion at the worksite, wellness coaching, sport-specific training, smartphone apps for health, core training, outcome measurements. Along with these, it also matters where you practice the workouts and the surveys reveal that many tend to work out privately at home or with a personal gym trainer.

Now that you know the top trending workout routines for the upcoming new year, we wish you a very happy and a healthy new year.

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