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Weighing Scales - A review

Either to check your body weight or to prepare a recipe with a precise amount of ingredients, you need to weigh everything. For this purpose, the foremost thing you require is to get a good weighing scale. The weighing scales being used these days are digital scales and are designed for precision and the measurements are read from either an electronic or analog display.

Most of the weighing machines are Spring Scales. Weighing scales are regularly used to measure the weight of a person, to determine the quantity of an ingredient for a recipe in the kitchen, or to weigh things ranging from feathers to loaded tractor-trailers in industrial or commercial fields.

Learn various points about the weighing scales before you actually learn about your weight.

Types of Weighing scales

Based on the maximum limit a scale can weigh, these weighing scales are in general divided into four categories as bench scales, floor scales, platform scales and spring scales.

A spring scale is a weighing scale used to calculate force, such as the force exerted by the gravity, exerted on the weight or the force of a person's clasp or the force exerted by a lugging vehicle. The spring scale is simply a spring fixed at one end with a hook and eye to attach an object at the other.  The spring scales are of two types – Electronic & Mechanical. Electronic Scales or Digital Scales have less human interference than the normal mechanical scales and display weight up to precision of milligrams. The manual scales have two dishes hung and balanced in the middle and using fixed weights on one plate, the load is calculated consequently.

Floor Scales are the heavy duty commercial scales used in industrial applications to weigh extremely huge loads. They are the scales which are used to weigh loads ranging from a minimum load of 500 kg to more than 10,000 kg. These scales are made with precision to provide accurate measurements and also are durable.

Domestic Scales are the weighing scales used at home, especially in Kitchen and Bathrooms. While kitchen scales are table top scales, used to weigh small amounts of quantities like sugar, flour, etc., Bathroom Scales are digital scales that are used to weigh people.

What are BMI scales and how to use them?

Body Fat Scales or the BMI Scales are the scales used to weigh people and helps individual to lose weight successfully giving them the accurate measurements. These body fat scales use a technique called bioelectrical impedance to calculate approximately the amount of body fat in your body. Once you step on to the digital body fat or BMI scales, the scales using a sensor technology passes current through the legs & pelvic region. The higher the fat content, the electrical impulse from the sensors face higher resistance. Using this information, along with other data like height, weight, age and gender, using formulas they calculate the body-fat percentage and overall body fat.

Are weight scales accurate?

Often the weighing scales are inaccurate, as many factors affect such as a body hydration percentage, the amount of fat stored, time lapsed after ingestion of food or on an empty stomach, how clean your feet are or are they calloused? How good the scales are? These factors often lead the scales to inaccuracies in the weight measurements.

For general purpose and to monitor weight for obesity control, normal and basic bathroom scales, either dial or digital machines, which can give you steady readings are adequate. These scales generally give an accurate and consistent reading of weight with precision, when checked in the morning before ingestion or drinking anything.

Best Weighing scales

Though there are many products released into the market for weighing body weight and analyzing body, there are few brands that are renowned for their pinpointed accuracy and precision in weighing the body weight. Few such brands that provide accurate, precise and high quality body monitors and bathroom scales are Escali, Conair, Taylor, Runtastic, Bowflex, Vitagoods, OMRON, Vitasigns etc.

Whatever the brand or type of the scale be, monitoring weight and analyzing body with weighing scales is the first steps towards better health and a healthier lifestyle. They are the means to keep an eye over the increasing weight ahead of any fitness routines. 

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