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Wake your body up with yoga

Early morning is the time our mind and soul will be at its best and fresh. But the body is still in resting state. To make your body active and ready for the day to day activities, and make it brisk, simple, stretching poses in Yoga will help you a lot. Also, surveys say that, it is the time of the day most people are affected by heart attacks. To avoid this, Yoga helps you a lot and also in achieving body and mind co-ordination. The below top 5 stretching poses will definitely help you being ever ready for the day.

wake your body up with yoga


1. Pranayama or breathing techniques: Controlled breathing through nostrils technique in Yoga is very beneficial in attaining a strong heart by releasing stress and anxiety. This technique also improves blood circulation throughout the body, purifies mind and body and makes one brisk in the morning. A simple sukhasana pose or padmasana is recommended to practice this yoga asana.

2. Cat – cow pose: This pose actually wakes up your entire spinal cord and makes you feel fresh after a long rest. This pose brisks up your nervous system releasing the tension in muscles and the shoulder bones. The best pose to make your mind fresh and active.

3. Lunges: The more you deepen the pose, the more your hip, thighs and plank muscles are stretched making them ready for the day’s work. This pose actually helps athletes, field workers and moms more as they find themselves constantly moving. The pose helps release tension in the taut muscles before they are ready for the work again.

4. Downward Dog pose: this pose is same as the Cat-cow pose with a deepened stretch. This pose stretches out the back, legs and arms. It’s the perfect way to awaken yourself fully and is good exercise for the taut hamstrings after a long rest.

5. Forward bend: finally you can flex your body with a seated forward bend or standing forward bend to stretch your arms and legs.

Now you are totally ready for your busy, running day schedules with a great start with flexible and fresh body and mind. Have a great day ahead with these Yoga Poses.

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