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Train for proper fitness with heart rate monitors

Training for fitness is not just all about working out at high intensity or low intensity levels. Fitness workouts are always about getting the cardiovascular activity just right for the precise amount of successful results. High intensity levels of training may overwork and strain your muscle groups and low intensity level workouts may not be as effectual. Then what’s the solution? Get a heart rate monitor to maintain the proper Heart Rate required for an effective training and conditioning of your body and cardiovascular health.

train for proper fitness with heart rate monitors

What are Heart Rate monitors?

A Heart Rate Monitor is a screening gadget that lets one to assess and calculate one's heart beat rate per minute. They calculate and record the number of heart beats per minute as you train or workout. Understanding your heart rate is an answer to all your fitness training routines. The harder you train, your muscle groups are strengthened and so is your heart. To maintain ideal pace, and train without overworking your body is essential; for which a heart rate monitor is a must to carry.

How do they work?

A monitor consists of two elements – a transmitter that is worn around the chest nearer to the heart and a receiver that is strapped on to the wrists in the form of a watch. In a simple heart rate monitor, the transmitter picks up the heart beat signal through the skin and transmits it to the receiver wirelessly (usually through Bluetooth technology) and the receiver displays the heart beat per minute. In more advanced versions of the heart rate monitors, features like recording the average heart beats while you train, alarm if you exceed the pre-determined heart rate activity to slow down etc. are included.

Types of Heart Rate Monitors

The HRM gadgets are very small devices and can be carried easily while you are exercising, running, or jogging. There are ample of HRM gadgets available in the market. To choose from the wide range of collections, one must know about the different types of monitors available. HRM devices are basically of two types – chest strap monitors that send data wirelessly to the monitor or pulse monitors worn on wrists which require you to place your finger at a certain spot to record your pulse.

The chest straps monitors are the basic kind of monitors used mostly for accurate readings and give us the real-time results on how hard and well you are exercising. These models provide one with a continuous, typical, high and low heart rate data in real-time. Also, in some models of chest straps monitors, GPS is included to record or note the speed, distance and altitude, or mark the locations and save previous training information suitable for workout regimes like hiking, trekking, running, etc.

Pulse monitors are the strapless devices that are worn wrists, with a sensor built on the back of the gadget to detect the pulse. These models tend to be less accurate than chest-strap HRMs and require you to put your finger on a certain spot to take pulse. For this, most of the time, you have to stop your workout and place your finger firmly on the gadget to note the pulse, which is very disadvantageous. It is nearly impossible with these gadgets to get the accurate readings of the pulse.

Also, there are other varieties of heart rate monitors that come built-in such as sports watches, gym equipment like treadmills, training bikes etc. along with the information above, one must check for features of the monitor, the price and the display unit as it is important to read easily the results.

Some recommended Heart Rate Monitors

Though the features and other information on the HRM gadgets are known, one may find themselves confused over the brands and safer devices to choose. To clear off such confusions, we bring to you few of the most recommended or sought out heart rate monitors.

1. OMRON HR-310


● Facilitates accurate ratings with just a tap

● Water resistant up to 164 feet

● Visual and audible zone alerts

2. Omron HR100C Sports Heart Rate Monitor


● Maintains your heart rate in the safe zones with an audible alarm

● Provides continuous and accurate heart rate

● Watch receiver displays on most treadmills and bicycles with the mounting bracket included

3. Soleus Running HFM Fit Bluetooth Chest Strap


● Bluetooth low energy 4.0 technology results in low power consumption.

● expected 2 year battery life warranty

● Wirelessly transmits HRM data

● Works with most fitness apps

4. Papago GoWatch 770 GPS Multi-Sports Watch


● multi-colored, robust and light-weight

● Waterproof wrist watch.

● Tracks the activity very precisely with the high sensitivity GPS module and antenna.

5. Skechers Go Walk SK2 HRM With Calorie Counter


● Slim and easy to use.

● comfort fit watch for women

● provides ECG and accurate heart rate

● counts calories and maximum heart rate percentage

These wearable technological gadgets are very helpful in providing much of assistance to those who set goals for their fitness and health. These gadgets are mainly helpful for athletes, cyclists, hikers, mountain climbers, and individuals who wish for weight loss. So why wait anymore? Get a heart rate monitor today and start working for your fitness goals in the right way!

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