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Top Poses of Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga can be described as tenacity used to reshape the body, to re-engineer the whole system in a very fundamental way which takes a certain level of obstinacy. Firstly, your body has been created from an information that is coming from your parents. With Hatha yoga, we are trying to take the best of genetic memory. Hat means Sun and ya means Moon. If there is no Sun, there is no life and if there is no Moon, life wouldn't be the way that is present now. One aspect of Hatha yoga is to bring a balance in your body by drawing direct power from the Sun and the Moon. If you want to live a happy life with more power, then Hatha Yoga becomes more important aspect.

Importance of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga teaches you a very powerful physiological benefit in its design. Once you learn them, even if you don’t practice regularly, you can still rely on them, whenever required. Sun salutation is also a part of Hatha yoga which acts on all parts of the body. First you get all the parts of body warmed up and Sun salutation is very powerful in doing that.

Nowadays, many people are facing bodily discomfort and so Hatha yoga is very alluring as everyone wants to be healthy and mainly in the western world, where people keen in learning the Hatha yoga which is always considered as the major aspect of yoga. Hatha yoga is a perfect way to introduce someone into yoga because through the practice they get a little pep into their higher nature and become attentive and peaceful. Most of the beginners have experienced the peace in them after a year in Hatha yoga practice.

We also regularly see the people whose emotions are very strong. So, Hatha yoga can deal with the emotions in a proper way.

List of Top Poses of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a series of physical exercises, devised to harmoniously balance our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual nature. These exercises tangibly improve our physical health; it brings our soulful nature to the forefront of our consciousness and prepares us for the profound state of meditation. Let us now discuss the best and top poses of hatha yoga.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Position)

Top Poses of Hatha Yoga

Adho Mukha Svanasana is a downward facing dog position which is very challenging, the Downward facing dog pose is categorized as forward bend, which enhanced your nervous system and immune system along with added benefits in developing hamstrings, wrist, arms, shoulders, back, calves and neck. How do you begin the pose?

  • Laying on your abdomen, bring your hands along side of your chest,
  • Press through your hand and come onto your knees, take a moment, adjust your hands so they are centered on the yoga mat about shoulder wide apart, take a breath with the hips press the thigh back and now you are in downward facing dog pose.
  • Press the hand eventually, stay for a while and come back onto your abdomen

Badhakonasana (Butterfly Pose)

Top Poses of Hatha Yoga-2

Butterfly Pose also called as Badhakonasana is a best yoga posture for meditation. It helps to open your inner thigh muscles, strengths knees, strengthen the kidneys, and prevents urinary infections. Let's see how we can do the butterfly pose:

  • Bring knees close to the chest and open up wide, so the sores on the feet are together, being in the hands and open the feet upward facing the sky.
  • With an inhalation we lengthen the spine and now hold the feet and push it close to your body, now take your hands behind with the fingers pointing away from you, now push into your palms, roll shoulders back, now watch how knees automatically come down. Here your spine is lengthened. The other way is to hold now the feet and start flipping the thighs; this is especially beneficial for women.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

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Triangle Pose, also called as Trikonasana, which helps for flexibility and strength. It combines many elements into one posture and helps to expand the torso in four directions. It releases the chest and the shoulder, enhances balance, strengths the leg-lengthening marseille and also provides a mild twist.

For the triangle pose

  • Stand with your feet at least 3 feet apart
  • Your right foot should be turned to the right side, your hips and chest square to the front, as you inhale bring arms to the sides,
  • Lengthen your hands by pushing the hip back and then as you exhale, push your right hand to hold the right leg.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Top Poses of Hatha Yoga-4

Bhujangasana is a great pose for strengthening your back, for opening your chest and shoulders, the arching of the spine increases litheness and strength, tones back muscles.

Start with the downward facing dog position and on an inhalation come forward into plank, on an exhalation bend your elbows and slowly lower down and lay on the floor, now push back your neck backward and make sure to have lower body and legs are stiff. Breath slowly for 5-20 breaths.

Tadasana (Mountain Yoga Position)

Top Poses of Hatha Yoga-5

Mountain yoga Position is the pose where all other poses are derived from. In other words, this is the correct way of aligning your body and we incorporate these principles into the other standing postures that we do.

So, in mountain pose we were noticing out feet, spreading all five toes and planting the feet determinedly into the Earth, Feeling an equal weight on all four corners of the feet, imagine that you have roots that are enlarged from the feet into the earth.

Then lift the ankles, energetically, soften the knees, engage your quadriceps, truck your tail bone forward, engage ABS, It feels like a gentle tucking in the abdominal muscle. Lift the rib cage, draw the shoulders up, bring them back and relax them down. Moving up, chin, parallel to the earth, soft gaze with the eyes and imagine that there is a strong pull out the crown of your head toward the sky. Eyes gazing forward, breath. Remember to breathe. Connect with earth, connection with the sky.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

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With the bow pose, make a bow of your body, the string will be your arms; this yoga asana will reduce the excess fat near waist and hips. Follow the steps to practice the Dhanurasana.

  • Keep your legs together and the chin should touch the floor.
  • Bend the knees, back and raise your arms and hold feet, take a little breath in, hold the breath and tighten the abdominal muscles, and pull the arms upwards.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga:

Scientific studies have proven that the regular practice of Hatha yoga provides a range of physical and mental benefits. For instance, individuals who have feeding disorders have experienced increasingly healthy relationships with food when practicing yoga when they did not. This ancient art form can cause significant stress, anxiety and depression relief, too.

Pranayama is the portion of Hatha yoga which is beneficial for breathing. Though this is a breathing exercise it can manage respiratory system, and improve the ability to cope with stressful situations. Knowing the importance of Hatha Yoga lets us look at top poses of Hatha yoga, which can be practiced every day to have a healthy lifestyle.

  • The Perfect yoga of all age groups and any level of fitness is Hatha Yoga. It is the only yoga with any restrictions, if practiced regularly, you can have a strain less life without causing much stress on the body.
  • Hatha is never to be called an aerobic exercise, but still it has an ability to use all the muscles in the body and active then equally.
  • A great exercise where kids and teenagers can now retain their flexibility, develop self-discipline and improve concentration.
  • Hatha yoga also works great for pregnant women, but women should only do certain asanas as instructed by the teacher. Pregnant women can easily get rid of back pain and depression. According to recent research, it is also reported that women doing hatha yoga have easy, normal delivery helping labor shorter and quicker.
  • Older people are happier after practicing hatha yoga, as it helps them develop their digestive system, makes the spine stronger, easy blood circulation, decreases depression and have healthy breathing.
  • Works as a best stress relief tool, the breathing, concentration technique helps relax the muscles and focus on better breathing. Deep breathing allows the more amount of oxygen to enter the blood cells and offer anti-stress benefits.
  • Achieve physical fitness with this yoga, where different poses of hath yoga can really work on your ligaments, muscles and tendons.
  • If you are suffering from serious heart issues, then try out the hatha yoga can fetch you the best results in reducing the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • People with chronic diseases like arthritis, anxiety, back pain and asthma can quickly recover and have a healthy lifestyle after practicing Hatha Yoga.

Top Poses of Hatha Yoga Video:

Watch the following video and get more idea about how to do hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga is a complete way to get on to the new way of living, get enlightened practicing the postures and have a healthy life. When you such large benefits of Hatha yoga, why waste the time thinking to visit the best doctors, start the training program and remove the negative information from the mind and soul.

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