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Top Activity Tracker Devices for Fitness Tracking 2014

The increase in outcome of new activity trackers, over the last few years is beyond belief. This increase in the fitness activity tracking devices is spectacular, and that they, at nowhere are compromising with the quality standards. With the huge benefits in both usages as well as cost point of view, it has now become quite difficult in choosing a fitness health tracker that is acceptable for all your well-being needs. Here you will get knowledge on the top activity trackers 2014 and why you need to have an activity tracker?

Why should one have a fitness activity tracker anytime?

For weight losers or with fit body zealous, being on a diet is a clear choice but as you lose weight, that in itself won’t end you up with a fit and healthy body. Joining a gym can be at a great expense and with no feasibility in timings.

  • A good physical activity monitor would leave you with good results in that, the price is very acceptable, activities are tracked very accurately and you can measure your readings whenever and wherever required.
  • When you measure anything, then the measured value is visible, catches your attention and motivates you to workout more so as to hit your targets. This easy act of measuring brings focus and this in turn will create results. Using gadgets will revamp your workout strategies and results.
  • The fitness health tracker apps and online status will make you to focus and be disciplined in reaching your workout and health goals.
  • The exercise activity tracker online account and mobile apps gives you the possibility to interact with social communities, and the results can be achieved faster when you are in a social group working for similar goals.

Top rated fitness activity tracking devices 2014:

With more number of best fitness tracking devices readily available in the market, it becomes harder to pick one as per your choice. So here are the bunch of best collected fitness health trackers chosen considering various factors. These are the best activity monitors for physical fitness and wellness.

FitBug ORB:

top activity tracker devices for fitness tracking

Fitbug ORB is gaining fast over many other activity tracking gadgets, as people’s favorite gadget. It is simple, smart, cost effective and with more functionalities when compared to other industry leading products. ORB provides the user with great wearability choice. If you’re very passionate of your weight then it becomes easy to lose weight with FitBug Orb.

With FitBug ORB one can track distance covered, steps taken, calories burnt, sleep pattern, aerobic steps and can sync the data wirelessly to your mobile devices and to your online FitBug account. Kik, a personal digital coach comes free with FitBug products.

An excellent activity tracker is the one with easy to use features and should work properly in any direction. FitBug ORB fulfills all these features and more importantly, it tracks the sleep patterns and is very cost effective. For those who are looking for a fitness gadget that works error free, ORB is highly recommended whilst it’s not suitable for those who are looking for a gadget that readily displays the recordings. Apart from this, FitBug ORB can be considered as the best activity tracking gadget 2014, which is very portable, durable and reliable, so far.

Omron HJ-323U Tri-Axis Pedometer with USB:

top activity tracker devices for fitness tracking

Improve your physical fitness and well-being in an engaging and information driven way. This activity tracker is a small ingenious pedometer with tri-axis technology, which makes the pedometer to track the exercise accurately whether positioned flat, horizontally or vertically. It has 22 days of data in memory and 1 week of data visible live, anytime. The USB supports in connecting to OmronFitness for better tracking of pre-set goals or to verify your trends or to stay motivated for improved fitness and health concern. Along with calculating various features like steps taken, calories spent, aerobic steps done and distance traveled, Omron HJ 323U also measures the steps per minute i.e., pitch that most of the other gadgets can’t track.

FitBug AIR:

top activity tracker devices for fitness tracking

Make your health and wellness goals breezed by tracing steps taken, distance lined, aerobic steps and calories spent with the FitBug AIR that comes with a personal digital coach. FitBug AIR unlike ORB provides the results displayed on the gadget directly, but it can’t track the sleep duration. The last 14 days workout data is available for reference. This physical fitness activity tracker syncs with mobile devices and shares the tracked details. The online FitBug account provides greater accessibility for analysis of your workout.

New Balance VIA Active Pedometer:

top activity tracker devices for fitness tracking

This pedometer activity tracker is very useful if your choice of well-being activity is walking or jogging or practicing for a marathon. With this pedometer you can readily track strides walked, distance elapsed, calories burnt, average pace and speed. The back-light improves the visibility and the time can be set either in 12 hour or 24 hour format. The 3D sensor, target steps meter, PC connectivity, date function and auto workout timer features stand behind the reason for increasing demand for this active pedometer.

New Balance VIA Slim Pedometer:

top activity tracker devices for fitness tracking

This New Balance pedometer is designed to wear anywhere irrespective of the directions, will give very accurate results. Similar to the top rated pedometers, it can also track the steps taken, distance traveled, calories burnt, average speed and also works as an automatic exercise timer. The time can be adjusted to either 12 hour or 24 hour format. This Slim Pedometer is the best tri-axis accelerometer physical activity measurement device. The display can be adjusted to either metric or imperial units. It doesn't require any regular charging and has a user replaceable battery.

Striiv Play Wireless Tracker:

top activity tracker devices for fitness tracking

Striiv wireless activity tracker is a slim, smart and a very glossy pedometer plus activity motion system. Apart from tracking steps, distance covered and calories exhausted, it can also count the stairs climbed and total minutes of activity. With this wireless workout tracker you can analyze, tracked record of last 60 days. This activity tracking device is waterproof. You can name your Striiv pedometer and is the feature that is found in no other activity tracker. With the Bluetooth feature, the recorded data can be transferred through this physical activity monitor to your iPhone or iPad.

Striiv Smart Pedometer:

Striiv smart pedometer is the first activity tracker that comes with a fitness based game. With this pedometer you can easily turn around 10000 steps or more into just a game that at the back-end inspires you with donations to a charity on your behalf based on the steps you walked.  With a Striiv smart pedometer you can track steps, stairs taken, distance explored, calories burnt and complete activity very accurately. It is like having a Walkathon in your pocket that donates to charities for improvement in better clean water supply, fight against polio and rain forest. The 3D sensor and the high precision altimeter are both included in the pedometer for better tracking. 

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