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therapeutic uses of yoga for women

Yoga has many benefits and one of the benefits is that the asanas or yoga poses sequence focuses on curative and comforting asanas for the entire body is called restorative yoga. Yoga is a natural therapy session where through asanas and meditation, one may find themselves within, and become aware of self. In short, one can say that yoga Therapy is the use of yoga poses or asanas, meditation and Pranayama to help the body physically nurse back to health and balance itself.

There are yoga asanas that focus on a particular part of the body and to relieve the stress and pain. For women, especially, health is of utmost importance as they go through many changes from childhood through puberty and menopause till oldage. While there are many asanas, the below top 5 yoga asanas are recommended for women to maintain posture, prevent osteoporosis or other chronic pains, relieve tight muscles after a busy day and much more benefits.


therapeutic uses of yoga for women 1. Seated position or Sukhasana: relax in Padmasana or Sukhasana before you start your daily yoga routine. This way you can maintain a calm and clear mind that will help you understand your body more clearly and you can deepen the pose testing your limits easily. Also, Pranayama would calm down your mind further more giving you the right insights.

2. Seated spinal twist or ardha matsyendrasana: sit on floor and bend your fold one knee under your hip and bring one knee to your chest placing the foot on the floor as shown. Now slowly rotate your spine and look over your shoulders at the back. Take the help of your hands to turn just the upper body to the sides. Now slowly return to normal seated position and repeat. This yoga asana will help you in many ways, strengthening your spine, relieves menstrual discomfort, fatigue, sciatica, and backache, improves digestion and stimulates liver and kidney.

3. Forward bend or puppy dog pose: for this pose, start on your hands and legs. Now lift your buttocks high in the air and tuck your head between your hands and tuck your toes under firmly. This pose is very common in yoga and is very helpful in opening and strengthening of the shoulders and upper body, stretches the hamstrings and calves and tones the legs properly.

4. Camel pose or ustrasana: this asana is very helpful for all those who sit down for a longer lengths of time. Sit in Vajrasana position. Now slowly raise up and bend back placing your hands on your heels. Arch your back to the extent possible. Slowly return to the normal position and relax. This asana strengthens the back, opens the shoulders, 
chest, and boosts mood and core energy.

5. Dhanurasana or bow pose: this pose relieves bloating in stomach, relieves the menstrual pain, stretch to your ankles, thighs, groin, abdomen, chest, throat and your hip muscles. Lie down facing down and catch hold of your ankles with your hands. Now slowly lift your upper and lower torso together balancing your weight just on your tummy. Stay in this position for one or two minutes and return to normal position.

These are few yoga poses that will help you recuperate from every day’s hardship and rejuvenate yourself even in your worse, depressed days. Why wait then? Start your yoga today and lift your mood and spirits up with Yoga.

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