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Strengthen your Relationship through Workouts

Are you trying to get yourself fit and healthy through workouts? Forget working out alone, or having a gym coach; try it out with your better half, or your girlfriend or boyfriend. He /She may be the best workout partner you'll ever have. There are many benefits in doing this together for both, not only in physical health but also in bonding with them more effectively than ever. It’s also been said that couple who sweat together, stay together for a very long time.

According to studies and researches, Going to the gym along with your partner has been known to produce stimulating results, keep up your spirits, and it’s also known to rev up your libido. So why wait anymore? Take the first steps with your partner into your fitness world with these workouts.

Strengthen your relationship through workouts

Get your sweat out with the butt-kicking workouts as discussed below

1. Rock the floor with a romantic dance

Dancing is always a great way to sweat out and when it’s your partner dancing along with you, the motivation and the inspiration automatically comes to you to impress him or her and it makes you shed out more calories. Different kinds of dance like Salsa, Ballroom dance, or high energy inspired dance forms like Cuban-inspired dance, Rhumba, the dance fitness Zumba, Tango, or any other you choose, can shed calories effectively.

2. Bike it!

Cycling is an effective cardio exercise. But it’s not a tiring one anymore when you do it with your significant other. Grab the couple bikes and go bicycling in the trails or pedal around. Rather than spending your time pedalling inside the closed walls, cycling outside with your partner in the fresh air gives you healthier workout results.

3. Zen and peace; Yoga workouts

Working out yoga poses along with your partner not only deepens your poses, but can also be done in a safer way as you can lookout for each other. According to experts, doing yoga with a partner makes many poses more reachable, comfortable, remedial, and also you can do the yoga asanas in a well-balanced way. Yoga poses like Back-bending while holding hands, the Tree pose while holding each other, seated forward bend while the partner stretches back and the other way; are few asanas that can help you in achieving better results.

4. Twist it up!

You can always try this! Tone and strengthen your core abs and sides by twisting up and rotating sideways using a medicine ball. Kneel on the floor back to back with your partner and slowly turn to one side to hand the ball off to your partner and grab it from the other side. Repeat the same for about 2 – 3 minutes till you get the sweat out of you both.

5. Lunge towards him / her

This exercise not only needs precision and co-ordination, but also is a fun and effective way to get the communications up with your partner. Hold each other at one arm length apart. While one lunges toward the other with the right foot forward, the other will lunge backward with left foot and vice-versa. Repeat the sequence alternatively for 12 – 15 repetitions.

6. Row it together!

Rowing a boat is a good cardio exercise that you can do it with your partner effectively. Sit opposite to each other with the soles of your feet touching. Keeping your back straight, grasp a towel or each other hands and with perfect co-ordination, pull in the reverse direction till you touch down and your partner reaches forward. Count three and let your partner pull you up forward as he / she reaches back. Repeat the step as many times as you desire.

7. Push ups

You can always do push-ups but doing it with your partner in a competitive way facing each other, always gives you the motivation required and is a fun way to bond with each other. Try it with your partner holding you down while you push up resisting your upward movement. This can be more effective. Repeat it vice versa in 2 – 3 sets repetitions.

There are many more workouts you can gear up with your partner and perform. All you need is motivation and imagination on how you can turn your alone workouts to be done with your significant other. With this, you can always be sure of quality time to be spent with him or her, safe workouts, balance and with few words of motivation and love, you can bond with each other more closely with love and respect for each other.

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