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Smart Fabrics – the Future Technology

With technology replacing the conventional practices in every field everywhere, it is now the era of future smart technologies that can be worn in day-to-day life. Top brands like Samsung, Google, OMSignal, HexoSkin, and UnderArmour and many other companies are now planning for wearable smart clothing that is more functional than just a wrist band.

Wearable technology is a range of products that is worn by the user to track one’s health and fitness. Though this wearable technology has been around for few years for now, smart devices or tech gadgets worn either on wrist or chest are being replaced now with clothing lines.

As technology continues to evolve, from smart watches, to glasses, it has changed the look and feel of every field including fashion. And with the health and fitness consciousness growing more popularity, the recent technological gadgets are targeted towards the health & fitness industry.

smart fabrics – the future technology

Concept of Wearable Smart Fabrics

The concept of Smart fabrics is to help control body temperature, decrease wind resistance and control muscle pulsation, which helps athletes to improve their performance more. The idea of the Smart fabrics has been around since the 1990s.

The main structure of smart fabrics consists of a sensor, the actuator and a controlling unit. There are different kinds of sensors being embedded into the system for thermal changes, pressure changes, blood glucose levels and many more. Thanks to fitness freaks and gym rats, Smart fabrics are evolving into much more targeted wearable for fitness.

Some noted Smart fabrics

Irrespective of gender, and age, smart fabrics are being developed for everyone. These wearable tech clothes are easy to slip on. These wearables are designed, using microfibers, to offer the best of features such as lightweight, breathability, water-resistant etc, or to respond to heat or light.

Most of the wearable smart fabrics are made of neoprene, cotton and other soft and breathable materials. Some of the upcoming and trendy smart fabrics noteworthy are

1. NADI Yoga Pants

These upcoming yoga pants are yet to hit the market this 2016 but are already talk of the town. These pants are designed for those who practice yoga asana at home alone. These Smart Yoga pants are made to offer the person wearing it, a feedback, or vibrations, through which the pants let the wearer know where and how to correct their yoga pose or body alignment.

2. The OMbra from OMSignal

The OMbra is kind of sportsbra, that tracks biometric fitness data and is comfortable to wear. A stretchable fabric that is made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and elastane, the OMbra conforms to the body’s shape while moving. The bra includes mesh panels on both sides (front & back) that are antimicrobial with moisture wicking property. The bra along with the company’s OMrun platform provides and tracks information such as distance, tempo, pace, heart rate, and calories and so on, that is useful for sportspersons and runners.

3. Sensoria’s new clothing line

A leading company in producing wearable fitness technology, Sensoria is announcing its new line of collection that is designed to enhance the running experience for athletes and sportspersons, hold more choices for workouts under various environmental conditions.

4. HexoSkin

A first of its kind, biometric shirt designed for tracking sports workouts and sleep monitoring. It is also a movement, breathing and heart rate tracker. The HexoSkin is a wearable upper body garment that is easy to slip on and once worn, plug in the device and the body metrics are displayed on your smart phones.

Apart from these top wearables, there are many other smart sports shirts, sports bras, outfits, underwear to track your biometrics data and track your fitness activities and heart rates. Notable smart technology wearables are Samsung’s recent prototypes, which tells you if you’re putting on extra weight, golf shirts that track swings for a perfect game, smart workout clothes that lets you know if you’re following an ideal regimen.


With such advanced technology embedded into the garments, Smart Fabrics sure have their own benefits, which help the wearer immensely in many ways, such as:

• Keeping an eye on Health vital signs of the person wearing such as heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, activity, and posture is easy.

• Know the information on your workouts during Sports training.

• Monitoring our body for signs of fatigue, overwork, nausea etc.

• Innovative Fashion and can be incorporated in day-to-day lifestyle. And much more...

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