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Scales may not measure how beautiful you are, but helps to Live Long

Digital body scale should be the number one masterpiece that any home needs to possess. It is a definite truth that healthy person looks beautiful and has a charming glow on his/ her face. Owning a digital scale help the person to regularly take care of his/ her body.

Body scales are not only meant for measuring your body weight and body fat, but these amicable devices help the individuals to live long. According to the research reports, the more calories we burn every day that adds lifespan bit more on daily basis. So know your body mass, body fat, body weight and today and start exercise accordingly.

There are numerous body scales or bathroom scales are available over the market, but body fat scale or digital bathroom scale is the best body weight scale in terms of material quality, measure, durability, appeal, accuracy. Glass digital scale, ultra slim scale, bamboo bath scale, stainless steel weight scale, body fat scale, kitchen scale, and a lot of the number of pretty scales are available across the globe with start range of $19. Though the number displayed on the scale may not show how beautiful you are, or how good you are? But it displays how healthy to need to be. These analog or digital body scales acts as like mini doctor for your home and a single scale helps the families to live a healthier life.

The following are the 7 best body weight scales of 2018

1. Escali Arti 15 Lb. Multipurpose Digital Food Scale In White

 Measures dry, and liquids in lb+oz, oz, fl oz, g, and ml. Touch controls. Ultra slim glass platform


2. Escali Extra Large Display Digital Bath Scale

 Escali XL200 is an extra large display weight scale providing absolutely accurate weight readings and is a perfect bathroom scale for those who want to step off and still can see the weight reading.  Features:      Attractive design with non-slip standing surface.     Accurately measures in 0.2 Lb and has a large measuring capacity of 440 lbs.     This lightweight and durable scale is easy to use and activates with a tap on and the automatic shut off ensures long life.

3. Escali Heavy Duty Bathroom Glass Weight Scale

  Escali B180RC is a high quality, impact resistant glass-tempered bathroom scale  Measures the body weight very accurately that can be read easily from the large crisp digital display.  Features:      Measures the weight to as high as 400 lbs with an increment of 0.2 lbs.     Easy to use, tap-on and automatic shut-off features.     Comes with long running replaceable battery backup.


4. Alimento Digital Scale 13 Lb / 6 Kg

 Measures in lb+oz, oz, and g. With removable stainless steel plate. Optional power adapter (9VAD) sold separately.


5. Escali Track and Target Digital Glass Scale

 Escali USTT200 digital bathroom scale is a perfect weight scale to track and target body weight. With this stylish digital bathroom scale, assists the user in following the progress in weight until the preset target weight is achieved.  Features:      Displays last shown weight with the difference from target weight.     Has a high quality impact resistant glass platform.     Tracks and stores data of 4 users with 0.2 lbs increments and up to 440 lbs.

6. Escali Glass Body Fat Bath Scale

Escali BFBW200 Glass Body Fat / Body Water Bathroom Scale is one among the top rated digital weight scale built on advanced weighting technology. Get accurate results stepping on to this stylish and rigid glass platform. 

7. Escali Ultra Slim Bathroom Scale

 Escali US180B Ultra Slim Bathroom Scale has a sleek and stainless steel display with an understated look. This digital weight scale is very easy to use, just step on it and it goes. It is one of the best scales for weight loss

There are endless scales available in the market but choosing the best one is bit difficult. The price range of thee scales generally varies from $19 to $200 by depending upon the size, weighing capacity, materials used, and features. Investing on health is always recommended as it saves your tomorrow’s lots of penny. You can get unique and dazzling body weight scales in Fitdango. Fitdango wishes Happy Long Life to You and Your dear ones, not only on Birthdays but Always. 

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