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Inner peace through Yoga poses every morning

For those who work in tight schedules, Yoga is an amazing solution to practice every day and to achieve a calm and serene mind before the day begins.  While many people around the world practice it for its physical fitness benefits, others practice Yoga for peace and calm mind. 

inner peace through yoga poses every morning

1. Padmasana or the Lotus pose: A simple cross-legged pose, this asana is well-known among all the yoga practitioners and is used while meditating. This pose actually controls the mind functioning and is the best way to open up your mind. This pose fosters stability, meditative thoughts and to breathe properly in a controlled way.

2. Savasana or Corpse Pose: this yoga asana is practiced between the Yogasana to relax the entire body system and revive energy. This pose also is used to relieve one off depression or headache. This pose is done simply by lying down, palms facing up and relaxing your entire body and muscles.

3. The Pranayama or controlled breathing techniques: Pranayama or breathing techniques: Controlled breathing through nostrils technique in Yoga is very beneficial in attaining a strong heart by releasing stress and anxiety. This technique also improves blood circulation throughout the body, purifies mind and body and makes one brisk in the morning. A simple Sukhasana pose or Padmasana is recommended to practice this yoga asana.

4. Forward bend pose: this pose is very beneficial to all those who have a flexible body. you can flex your body with a seated forward bend or standing forward bend to stretch your arms and legs. With each exhale and inhale while still bending, let your mind to calm down and many will find this pose as beneficial as possible.

5. The Pigeon Pose: this pose actually opens up your shoulders and chest, relaxing them. It stimulates the abs muscles, neck, thighs and other major muscle groups all the while stretching them and relaxing them to much possible extent. When practiced correctly, one can attain a peaceful and calm mind without injuring themselves in this pose.

The benefits Yoga give you either after a hard day’s work or before you start the day off is amazing with these poses. Try these top 5 yoga poses for a stable, controlled and peace of mind and achieve harmony within.

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