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Important Facts about Belly Fat

It’s always harder for people to lose belly fat when compared to losing fat on other parts of the body. Nobody likes to have a sagging belly. Belly fat can be gained very quickly if you have one huge meal for dinner.

Before an individual works out in reducing the belly fat, they should know about something called as Trans Fat and Saturated Fat. These two fatty enemies are for sure unhealthy and cause all the toxic secretions around the belly. You can find Trans Fat in the biscuits or cookies you eat as a snack and you can find saturated fat in red meat and dairy products.

Important Facts about Belly Fat

Normally there are two types of fat named subcutaneous and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is a kind of fat that is stored under the skin, for example, hips, abdomen, thighs, whereas visceral fat is stored around lungs, heart and liver. So the belly fat is a subcutaneous fat. Now we need to know about the facts of belly fat and how we can go ahead in reducing it.

Does Protein Increases Metabolism and Reduces Belly Fat?

Eating carbohydrate foods like potatoes, cereals, jams, cakes add belly fat quickly. These come under the category of low protein foods, which store fat around the pancreas, stomach, liver and kidney. When you have an extra amount of low protein food along with your daily diet, it means you are increasing the bad fat which is called as cholesterol. Try eating high protein food like vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. The advantage of eating high protein food is that it builds muscle and muscles have the tendency to burn fat quickly. In this way, one can control the fat mass storage in the belly. Protein controls your appetite and boosts the hormones and burns fat. So, increase your protein and decrease bad fat. The human body needs about 25 to 35 grams of Proteins.

Is Belly Fat More Dangerous than Other Fats?

Yes, according to recent research, it is said that the belly fat is very dangerous. It is so dangerous because of its location where you have all the organs like kidney, pancreas and abdomen. All these are hormone releasing and toxic cleaning parts in the body. When the belly fat increases the hormonal release, the digestive system gets affected and it’s sure that health issues like cancer and heart strokes can occur. The best example is the pancreatic cancer, where the pancreas is covered with fat and stops the release of digestive juices. The food stops getting digested and the patients will need to have fluids until the fat is cleared away. The pancreatic cancer is very dangerous as in most cases if the fat increases, the patients are likely to die.

Has Your Digestion Nothing to Do with Belly Fat?

Belly fat is largely affected by digestion. When the digestion is not perfect, it’s obvious that the belly fat increases enormously. The digestive track gets damaged when you tend to take more low protein food without fiber. Finally, it decreases the metabolism and increases digestive inflammation. Your desire to eat will get reduced when the hormone named Ghrelin doesn’t function properly. This is the hormone that signals the brain about hunger. When a person is overweighted, the Ghrelin hormone is not produced and it’s hard to feel hunger, even though, the body requires food. So the digestion should be faultless in order to reduce the belly fat.

Will Diet Control Programs Help to Beat Belly Fat?

No, not at all. Diet control programs have mostly emerged in this century to beat the fat and look slimmer. The diet programs today can make you slim for a shorter time frame. But, when you move out of the diet control program, you will experience hell lot of issues. Our body requires fat which should mostly come from natural sources like fruits, vegetables and milk. One more important point is that the same diet plan can’t work in the same way for everyone.

Will Beer and Carbonated Drinks Increase Belly Fat?

Yes, a majority of men having beer, alcohol, have experienced belly fat. The reason is quite simple. Normally, the liver helps in burning the fat, but when you drink beer and alcohol, the liver takes more time in burning the alcohol and stops burning fat. This fat gets stored and creates a huge belly.

What is the Best Way to Lose Belly Fat?

Exercises for Belly Fat: Don't try to do intensive exercises to reduce your belly fat as intestine exercise works in the opposite way. It burns the fat and at the same time, it makes feel hungry. You tend to eat a lot after doing hardcore exercise. Make it a habit of doing exercises which help you lose sweat and activate muscles. A short 30 minutes of exercise is enough.

Eat More of Fiber Food: Fiber food is the best way to burn fat. It helps both men and women to reduce fat. Fiber is found in green vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. Have every meal with carrots, cucumber and beetroot. These items can help in reducing the belly fat and make stable digestion. All kind of Beans you get are rich in fiber and having them every morning can make you feel the difference.

Important Facts about Belly Fat-2

Reduce Non-veg: Eating red meat, pork, fried food and oven processed meat can give you more protein but gain fat very quickly. Most people suffering from cancer are the one who had meat in every meal. Excess amount of protein leads to cancer and one should take more meat and pork regularly.

Good and Timely Sleep: Try to take at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Make sure you have the food at the exact time every day and sleep only after an hour at nights. Sleeping can really help in preventing belly fat and reduce mental tensions.

Stress and Anxiety: Stress and anxiety are what you are dealing with every day. Stop being emotional and work with love and passion.

It’s really hard to reduce belly fat. The masses stored needs a lot of fitness training along with perfect diet plans. Make sure you read through the facts once again and find best ways to stop increasing the belly fat. Today, we have many accurate active trackers and best quality fitness monitors that can keep you proactive in monitoring your health fat and mass levels. Using these devices can be beneficial to keep you fit and stop thinking about the heart and blood pressure issues. You can also check BP from your home itself by using Different Blood Pressure Monitors that are available in the market.

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