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How to Lose Weight safely for Lifetime?

The only place for you to live in, is your body and that is to be taken great care of. Weight is an important component in deciding how healthy you are. Increased availability of various fad food items has caused the irregular supply of proteins and nutrients to the body resulting in crooked body weight and fat. Body weight beyond the limits stands behind the wall for around 50 diseases that falls under the categories that include neurological, respiratory, urological, circulatory, musculoskeletal, psychological, gastrointestinal, pancreas, nutritional and reproductive.  You can enjoy a long, happy life if you can dominate your weight gain. The only way to lose weight is to check it as an airline baggage.

how to lose weight safely for lifetime

What are the hidden causes of weight gain?
The main reason behind excess weight gain is eating more calories than your actual appetite and more than what you need to use through normal bodily functions. Doing regular activities less than what you’ve to do for proper calorie consumption. An imbalanced blend between calories intake and calories spent through various activities will lead to body weight irregularities. The lifestyle habits that contribute to this aren’t obvious. Insufficient or poor quality sleep is also one of the main reason for obesity.

Losing weight is eating fewer calories and burning more energy through various physical bodily activities. It sounds very simple, but the studies say that more than 60% of adults in England are obese. 1 in every 3 individuals are overweight in the world with BMI more than 25. In 2011 around 40 million children falling under the age group of 5 were overweight.

Should you lose weight fast?
In the process of losing weight, it’s tempting to see results at a fast rate, but it’s worth to remember that the rapid weight loss is unlikely to assist you to maintain a healthy weight for long duration. And a fast weight loss will result in a number of health risks.

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If you’re annoyed with your weight and are trying to lose weight, then you probably are ambitious to see and feel the difference swiftly. This intention and your tempting thoughts would probably push you to opt one of the innumerable schemes that assure rapid and easy heaviness loss. Unfortunately, regardless of all the efforts and crazy fat diet plans to lose weight, beyond your belief you’re unlikely to maintain a healthy weight in the months or years afterwards.

The best alternative is to implement healthy changes to your diet plans and levels of physical bodily activities, if you’re planning to visualize your future in which you’ve shed your surplus body weight so as to lead yourself to a safe, stable rate of weight loss and that lasts for a lifetime.

Even in the process of secured plans, the weight loss will plateau after a while and at this point the diet plans are to be redesigned for further progress. In case, if after 6 to 9 months you haven’t hit a healthy weight, consult your GP for advice on next steps.

What are the safe rates of weight loss?
It’s important to have a good knowledge of the safe weekly rate of weight loss for everlasting weight loss practice. The unharmed weekly rate of weight loss is between 0.5kg and 1kg, that’s around 1lb and 2lb a week. Weight loss faster than this suggested rate will lead to risk of health problems like malnutrition, gallstones, tiredness, unwell and finally for which all you’ve worked, body weight loss will not last any longer after some months or years. Fad diet strategies that are linked with very fast weight loss will never be the final and best solution to a healthy weight in the long-term.

How to start losing weight?
If you’re obese, it’s time to start your healthy weight loss activities and diet plans as overweight forms the main reason behind various diseases. Practice to lose weight as healthy body weight brings you a range of important well-being benefits. You can feel the success, if you make some realistic changes to your nosh and level of daily activities that should finally become your daily routine. Modern life results in excess weight with the food and drink we consume much more than we actually realize and do some bodily activities, finally resulting in weight gain.

To lose weight the first thing to initiate is to change the current food habits. This means being more active and consuming suggested (low quantity) food, even if it is healthy and balanced. If you’re ready to start your weight loss program, here are some guidelines.

What to do from the first day of weight loss routine?
On the first day of your weight loss plan, you need to do a list of activities towards your drive for a healthy weight, they include:

  • If you’ve no idea of your current BMI, calculate it with a body fitness scale or a weight calculator. The BMI should be in a healthy range if not aim for it, your BMI should never be in an overweight zone. In case if your BMI falls in the obese range, aim to lose 5% to 10% of your actual starting weight.
  • The next point of action is the proper planning of snacks as the common snacks like chocolates, biscuits, crisps and sweets are rich in sugar and fat and ingest calories into the body that are not required. Instead of all these, swap your mid-afternoon snacks today for a fruit bun, a piece of fruit, or a slice of malt loaf with a low-fat spread. Aim for the same practice all the days.
  • Avoid drinks rich in calories and adapt to drinks that are lower in fat and sugar. Opt for sparkling water with a slice of lemon. Abandon or cut down alcohol to control your weight as it is very rich in calories.
  • Include an extra walk into your daily schedule. A Brisk walk is a way to burn calories and this can be fit into the daily routine. Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day; it may sound large, but it’s easy to achieve with some small modifications to your usual practices like choosing to walk back home rather than taking a taxi, chose a staircase rather than going for a lift and so on.
  • Avoid occasional feasts and if very important to attend, follow some tips to stay fit and avoid weight gain after occasional feasts.

Follow this strategy and implement it perfectly to gain a healthy and fit body. Your weight can decide your lifetime, so maintain a balanced weight for a healthy and happy living.

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