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How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat

Yoga is a standard method of physical, mental and spiritual exercises to keep the body and mind healthy and balanced. Yoga helps in achieving a state of sustainable peace of mind to experience the true self. Essentially, yoga requires greatest possible comfort in the exercise of asanas and pranayama. Yoga mats offer this same purpose.

There are so many variations in yoga mats to use out there in the market. These can be purchased from retail stores to online portals. Mats have moved from being purely functional to have multidimensional uses. But the question is which mat is right for you? In general, many people say that an Eco-friendly yoga mat is the better one. It is always good to find a yoga mat that helps the environment and supports yoga practice.

Beginners usually face a lot of difficulty in picking up the best yoga mat, as there are different types of yoga mats available in the market. So choosing the yoga mat of your choice will depend on various aspects, but the most vital being the type of yoga you are practicing and what level of talent you acquire.

Yoga Mat Importance

Yoga mats provide ideal support and shock absorption between you and that hard or cold floor. Yoga mat supports for contact points like knees, elbows and hips that are padding on the floor. Good Yoga mats offer dampening that is dense but lightweight. It makes a fantastic job in maintaining hands and feet securely. The Yoga mat rests your personal domain.

As a result thereof, it is vital to understand the different kinds of yoga mats. This is to give you some idea about which Yoga Mat will serve you better. Practicing yoga is just not enough until you have a great yoga mat, as mats help you in practicing yoga with comfort and provide cushioning. Let us move forward and talk about the criteria for choosing a good yoga mat.

In this digital era, finding a quality yoga mat is easy. You can kick-start your search on the web or sporting goods stores. You can also talk to your yoga trainer and find the best mat for the style of yoga and poses you will be performing. When purchasing a quality yoga mat, one should never worry about the cost as quality involves material, durability and long lasting features.

How to Choose a Yoga Mat?

Yoga practice is more challenging and active with various poses. If you feel that you require more support, you can select a yoga mat which is thicker and provides immense comfort. If you are looking to maintain your postures while practicing, then consider a textured mat. Before going to select a yoga mat, one should get an idea about the following features of Yoga mat.

Size of Yoga Mat:

The size of the yoga mat is always considered to be the first important feature to be focused while selecting yoga mat. It is always the height that matters when traveling or fitting the mat in the extra space to do complex yoga poses. Shorter mats can easily fit in limited spaces and most mats are 5-6 feet in length and 2 feet wide. Make the selection according to your height, and place where you will be practicing yoga and store it.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat

Materials Used in the Yoga Mat:

Normally, yoga mats are made of a rug, rubber, jute, cotton, etc. 100% cotton yoga mats are softer and cushier which avoid the allergic reactions. Cotton yoga mats are used for Bikram yoga. We also have Eco-friendly yoga mats for inner peace and enlightenment which provide a non-slippery surface for more complicated poses. They use anti-PVC which are chemical free mats. When you are looking for durable and long lasting yoga mats, ensure that you choose the mats with a bit of research on the materials used to build them.

Thickness of Yoga Mat:

When an individual is practicing complex poses, it is very important to looking for thickness, as they save you from injuring your body. In case, you have medical issues like arthritis, then you need to have better comfort than the normal mats. You can easily cushion your hips and knees with extra thickness mats with non-slip surfaces.

Color of Yoga Mat:

There are different colored mats with the lot of designs like fish, tortoise, and many. They show some special impact on human eyes. Each color has an effect when practicing yoga. For example, You can choose White colored yoga mat for meditation as white resembles peace.

Yoga Mat Price:

The cost of yoga mats varies according to the manufacturers. The main difference is that each mat is made for different purposes and, as a result, the pricing starts from $30 to $100. When you look into all the composition like thickness, size, durability, materials used, etc you need to pay more for good an all-in-one yoga mat. If you are looking for just meditation and normal poses, then you can go to a normal mat which can cost you around $30 to $40. You have many yoga distributors online. The best of all, the huggermugger where they have great mats displayed and manufactured worldwide. You can pick mats according to colors, sizes, thickness and price.

Make sure you know the exact purpose of buying a yoga mat, if it's used at home for normal meditation, then you can order an ordinary mat which costs very less. If you are planning to purchase a yoga mat for Hot yoga, then you should consider having a sweat absorbing mat. So, make a choice according to the yoga that you practice.

It’s obvious that certain people love to use printed yoga mats which make them feel comfortable. However, some feel that normal yoga mats with good thickness and cushioning is better. An ideal yoga mat should be comfortable in order to avoid injuries. One should select a yoga mat that is non-slippery while practicing vigorous or active yoga sessions.

There are different types of yoga mats like meditation mat, sticky mat, deluxe mat, eco-friendly mat, cotton mat, double thickness mat, travel mat and customized mat. First, make yourself comfortable to know about the types of yoga mats and then order them. If you are 6 feet and taller, you can’t completely lay down on normal mats. So make a decision to purchase a taller yoga mat. You can find companies online that sell extra large mats.

If you are looking never to slip on a yoga mat, then you could shop for the sticky yoga mats, which are made of sticky objects that don't allow you to slip in any poses. Most of them prefer to use a towel, bed sheet or blanket in order to avoid slipping, which is not recommended as they are not comfortable in all the cases. Getting a sticky mat is the best way to avoid slipping and adds great comfort to your yoga practice.

For Which Kind of Yoga Asanas, these Mats are Very Important?

If you are practicing Ashtanga or Bikram yoga, then a cotton mat is highly beneficial, as it has the ability to soak sweat. It will not allow you to slip and provides cooling effect. They are mostly prepared with organic and regular cotton and can cost you around $95 to $200. Cotton has many benefits when compared to regular rubber mats. It can absorb sweat. It is easy to fold and store it in a small space. The cotton mat is also great for traveling and comfortably fits into any yoga mat bags.

Some specially designed Yoga Mats for Bikram Yoga are also available in the market.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat-2

If you are a yogi and would love to practice yoga, then you should look for a yoga mat that is comfortable and easy to move. A travel yoga mat should be strong enough and 1/16 inch thick. These mats must be light-weighted and easy to carry outside. There are plenty of travel yoga mats that come in different style and prices, you can pick the right one that looks more comfortable to you.

Most yogis want their yoga mats to be environmental friendly. Some yogis do not support the yoga mats containing polyvinylchloride (PVC). They say that PVC can cause cancer and also it is not environment-friendly as it cannot reprocess. There are some Eco-friendly yoga mats named eKO The Mat Manduka, Hugger Mugger Earthly Yoga Mats.

Nowadays, even kids know the benefits of yoga and many parents are showing interest in teaching their kids about meditation and yoga. There are plenty of mats for kids, which are very colorful and highly cushioned.

Yoga mats made of jute are very affordable and can live longer than the rubber mats. So the criteria to purchase a good yoga mat is very simple - Just get an idea about what exactly you need and what kind of yoga you are practicing. You have plenty of manufacturers and by visiting their official websites, you can get fair enough information regarding each mat. You can also check the reviews of mats and select the required mat.

Who have to Use these Yoga Mats?

Yoga mats can be used by everyone who has the passion for meditation and yoga; Yoga mats can be used by kids, Yoga seekers and yoga gurus. Nowadays, yoga mats are manufactured by various companies worldwide. They bring the yoga mats in various styles, designs, materials and sizes. If you have clearly read the above-mentioned points, you can easily get the right mat for your yogic needs. Having the right yoga mat will make you more lifestyle healthy and comfortable.

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