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High Blood Pressure Causes and Symptoms

High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension is the most diagnosed issue in the world right now. According to the research, almost 67 million Americans work in managing and controlling the hypertension.  High blood pressure is just not with U.S, it has proved that the people present in all over the world are falling sick with hypertension and the amount of care and medication taken to help the patients to recover is a long process or a never-ending process.  This is a major risk factor and one need to know how to prevent it from encountering the serious kidney damages, strokes, congestive heart failure and heart attacks. If you are more concerned about your health or if you are already suffering from high blood pressure, go through this article to make yourself completely free from Hypertension.

Before moving further, an individual should be so conscious about health conditions, as everyone from children to elders experience pressure and for sure, you are never going to get out of this. One has to get educated on High Blood Pressure.

The questions that you need to ask are:

  • What does high blood pressure mean? What is high blood pressure reading?
  • What are the symptoms and side effects of High Blood Pressure?
  • What causes High blood pressure?
  • Which age groups are more affected by high blood pressure?
  • Can we control the high blood pressure?
  • What is High Blood Pressure or Hypertension?

High blood pressure is defined as a scenario where the blood's pH factor is increased to the number of times higher than normal. The blood gets thicker and almost makes the breathing impossible with severe headache and lowering the heart rate. The normal blood pressure reading should be 120/80 and when it comes to the case of high blood pressure, 140/90 or higher number is considered as a dangerous issue and should be diagnosed immediately.

Reasons and Causes for High Blood Pressure:


The one word we keep on hearing these days. Yes, every work today involves pressure. With the change in the lifestyle of today's modern society, we can minimize this problem. We have to keep updated ourselves with the walk of life and this process involves pressure. As always said, when you love something, you have no pressure. It is only when you are doing a work with hatred, the pressure mounts on you and quickly increases the blood pressure. So keep loving the work you do.

Daily Exercise:

It's obvious that we are looking to earn as much as we can before the ages of 40-50 years. In this process, we are leaving away all the fundamental duties that nature has given to us. We know that the body requires daily exercise to help and activate the metabolic activities and have a healthy blood circulation. Though we are busy, we have time to eat in our favorite restaurant, chit-chat with friends in the canteen for hours, play Facebook games, etc…but when asked about exercise, we give an answer saying "we are so busy with the office work, we don't have time".  Exercising daily for an hour can really bring the acidity levels of blood to normal and though you face pressured conditions, the body can still help to lower the blood pressure. So add exercise to the list of your daily tasks.

Food Habits:

Almost all health care institutes have provided different case studies on how the food habits have changed and how they are going to affect the body. Better than choosing the natural way, we have totally chosen the packed food. We are always willing to taste the black coffee, French fried chips, fast food, etc. The processed food always takes enormous time to digest and we know that the blood circulation helps in digesting the food. It takes a lot of time and the blood circulation to other parts of the body is lowered.

The other causes are smoking, alcohol, chewing tobacco, overweight, stress, anxiety, adding more salts and sugar with food.

High Blood Pressure Causes and Symptoms

Symptoms of High Blood pressure:

Urination Problem:

With high blood pressure, you will start to urinate frequently, feeling the sensation of urination. This problem damages the kidney functionality.


This is the first and foremost symptom and also the first phase of high blood pressure. You will suffer from severe headache until the blood pressure is brought under the control.

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Skin Color:

The skin color also changes and feels dull due to electrolyte loss and dehydration.

Vision Problems:

With High blood pressure, you will have eyesight problems and you can't view far object. Reading words become difficult.

Chest Pain:

You will for sure have chest pain, it looks like a muscle caught. The pain can come suddenly and vanish, but keeps on repeating as the blood pressure increases. Sometimes, it leads to heart attacks.

Difficult Breathing:

As soon as the blood pressure increases, you will feel irregular heartbeat with the sudden fall down of breathing levels.

Blood in Urine:

In some cases, people have complaints of urinating blood.

The other symptoms are Dizziness, Nausea and Coronary heart disease.

Tips to Control Blood Pressure:

Taking Food at Right Time:

Make sure that you have exact timings for food you take. Set exact timing for the body to know when to produce the digestive juices. If you eat at 9am in the morning, make sure you do it every day. It helps in the easy digestion of food and allows the blood to work at the right time.

Avoid Drinking of Water After a Meal:

This is one aspect we need to take care. This is one of the best practices our ancestors have practiced in keeping blood pressure at the normal level. When you feel hungry, the body automatically produces acid which helps in digesting the food. So when you eat food, the hot acid that is produced, keeps on digesting the food for an hour. In this process, when you drink water after a meal, the acid loses its property and cools down taking the longer time to digest the food. Till the food is digested, the blood has to play its part. The concept is that we all need to avoid drinking water after taking food. Take an hour to drink water. Just practice this for a month and check the result. All the acidity problems will be reduced.

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Exercise and Yoga:

This is for sure and don't keep excuses. Because, you have enough time in a day to hit a GYM or practice at home. You eat a lot of unwanted junks in the whole day. So, exercise always helps in pushing of the fats and decreasing the cholesterol levels in the body and works great in reducing weight.

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Stop Sitting for Hours:

I know our offices are so beautifully designed and more comfortable with the cool air conditioning breeze.  We just don't love moving around. So, sitting for hours actually causes to slow down the blood circulation which lead not only to blood pressure, but other chronic issues. It's always recommended to get up and just walk a few steps, strength out arms and legs. 

Kick Out the Stress:

Stress is the one main reason for high blood pressure. If you are well organized and planned person in life, you will never have this issue. Make your daily duties clear. Be positive and think of your goals. Stop smoking and alcohol consumption as these are two main factors that increase stress.

It is very important to monitor the blood pressure at regular intervals of time. You can easily do it from you home itself by buying blood pressure monitors.

High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects

We know there are natural ways to cure High blood pressure. But we are adopted to the conditions of using the medical pills manufactured to lower the blood pressure. The fact is that pills are used to just lower the blood pressure, but never to get complete relief. Modern medication is a way to use chemicals that work quickly on a disease.  It has the ability to provide a quick solution but can not cure completely.

The medicines we use for blood pressure are costlier and have also few side effects. When these medicines are taken, we feel sleepy and some medicines also cause kidney issues. So I would always suggest to take the pills for a certain period and then completely rely on natural ways. Keep learning yoga, which is one way of the best way to answer any disease. Follow the tips provided above to get rid of high blood pressure.

The medication for kids and pregnant women are different. Consult best doctor to deal with high blood pressure when you're pregnant.

Blood pressure is nothing when you know how to handle the pressure in life. The nature always reminds the same, but the humans have changed the planet so much in such a way that we have created disease as part of our lives. If you take a closer look at the symptoms, reasons and tips to avoid high blood pressure, you will find the right answer in staying healthy. Take some time to laugh, crack out few jokes and keep a smile to never allow the blood pressure towards you!

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