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GPS Watches, the Future Activity Tracking Devices

A GPS watch forms your best trainer and companion, whatever the purpose may be, either a fitness workout or practicing for a marathon or a casual runner. They have been in the market supporting swimmers, runners as well as bicyclers.

Why chose a GPS watch?

The best GPS watches are those that gives the top benefits that includes,

  • Training you at the intensity you wish to get trained at
  • Letting you to quantify your training and permitting you to control intensity in the race.
  • With a GPS watch you never over or undertrain and
  • Execute your planned race strategy.

The advantages that come with a GPS watch are:

With a wide range of fitness, sports and health gadgets available in the market, GPS enabled watches plays a prominent role with their advanced advantages that can be encountered from no other gadget.

1. Online data upload

GPS running watches easily syncs with online programs to store workout data for later analysis. This will be very helpful in reaching the target goals in a strategic way and also assists in modifying the strategies for achieving the targets as planned.

2. Real-time pace information

The GPS watches will notify throughout your run with the pace that is to be maintained as preset by you. This pace information is very useful in the case of training for a race or marathon.

3. Customizable display

The display is customizable and can be adjusted to display the factors that you feel are important during the activity. This helps in easy access to the data that you feel is more important.

4. Route mapping and sharing

GPS watches have an excellent feature that no other watches have, you can plan and store running routes. The routes planned can be shared with other runners. Apart from being fun, this will motivate you to run more and workout more for better results.

Choosing a best GPS watch:

There is a huge count of GPS watches readily available in the market and the one that you choose depends on various facts. What will you use the GPS watch for and how often will it be used, are the driving factors in picking a GPS fitness watch. It, being difficult to pick one from the pile of GPS watches, here are a few selected top rated GPS watches:

1. Approach S2 Golf GPS watch:

gps watches the future activity tracking devices

This watch is very advantageous for golfers. It has a sleek, lightweight design. It is durable, easy to access, reliable and very accurate GPS golf watch. The best benefit that golfer experiences with this golf watch is that it is pre-loaded with courses around the globe and are frequently updated. This golf GPS watch has very good battery backup of around 8 hours in GPS mode. The features that made the Garmin Approach GPS golf watch very useful for golfers are,
  • It measures back, front and middle yardages
  • Layup and dogleg distances are computed
  • 30000+ courses pre-loaded
  • Cable to transfer data to PC
  • Built-in odometer
  • High sensitivity GPS receiver

2. Forerunner 610 GPS watch:

gps watches the future activity tracking devices-2

Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS watch best suits either an athlete or a runner or a fitness passionate to achieve their goals. A touch or swipe or tap will drive you through your workout data. This GPS fitness watch is waterproof and shock proof.
  • Inspects cadence sensor or bike speed
  • The effect of activity performed on aerobic fitness is measured
  • Calculates distance covered  and lap pace
  • The tracked data can be transferred to a PC for further analysis
  • Accessible for multiple sports
  • Customized screens
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver

3. Forerunner 110 watch:

gps watches the future activity tracking devices-3

Garmin Forerunner 110 watch is a button operated GPS sports watch. This watch is designed in different sizes and colors so as to best fit for both men and women. With FR110 sports watch you can monitor how far and how fast you are running. The face of the watch is reader friendly and can be easily accessed at any point of time. Together with the advanced features that a GPS watch has, Garmin Forerunner 110 watch also acts as a normal watch displaying time, day and date, so one single watch would serve 2 purposes. The activity data can be updated to your account in Garmin Connect for further reference and scrutiny.  
  • Tracks distance covered, calories burnt, time elapsed and average pace
  • HotFix TM satellite prediction assists highly sensitive GPS receiver
  • The USB interface is compatible with Garmin Connect
  • Waterproof
  • Distance and pace being the 2 important motivators for runners, FR110 records all this data together with time very accurately
  • Fuss-free technology

4. New Balance NX990 Cardio Trainer

gps watches the future activity tracking devices-4

This Cardio trainer is mainly designed to support daily training sessions of users and has all supportive tools needed to optimize the results. The New Balance Cardio Trainer tracks and transmits the distance, relative speed and navigational information. With all the advanced features, this Cardio trainer watch is still available at a very effective price. This watch is accessible in either 12 hour or 24 hour format. You can set up to 5 alarms daily and can upload 5 different profiles. This GPS enabled watch has a good battery backup and is water resistant. The noticeable features that are available with this cardio trainer watch are,
  • Digital compass calibration
  • Adjustable declination
  • Cardinal north indicator
  • 3 navigational modes with 48,170 track points stored
  • Chronograph featured
  • The display can be customized to either in metrics or imperial units

Apart from just tracking the workout or running activities, all the above listed GPS watches can monitor your heart rate accurately.  These GPS heart rate monitor watches when used with a heart rate monitor will show the heart rate stats and will alert you when the heart rate is beyond the healthy and efficient heart rate zone. The heart rate zones are customizable. No other GPS watches other than the above listed can offer such features.

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