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Go the Distance with the Best of Running Tech Gear

Is your resolution for this year fitness? Stop worrying about how to set your goals and accomplish them? We’ve got you covered. Get the best of the fitness gear and if you’re planning for marathons and running exercises, then these tech gadgets are definitely perfect for you.

Tech gear isn’t a common sight in fitness world. With the advanced versions of gym equipment cropping up few years ago, the fitness world has seen many tech gadgets and gear since then, which helped the gym rats, fitness freaks, sportspersons, and athletes in many ways to improve their performance well.

Extreme, passionate Innovations to help athletes such as high-tech shirts, tech shoes that help athletes in running & jogging, and many more have proved to be of highly practical and functional. Wearable technology these days is gaining more popularity and this 2016, we bring to the best of the technology gadgets you must watch out for and must haves.

go the distance with the best of running tech gear

1. Nike Aeroloft Flash Vest

A super feather-light vest, Nike’s Aeroloft gives the wearer warmth, and is tough & durable. It provides fine padding and is designed with minute perforations that make the vest breathable. Also, when it’s time put away the shirt, the vest can be stuffed easily into its back pocket.

2. Lumo Run Smart running pants

The sensor fitted shorts or running pants are definitely the ones to try on, if you want attention like personal trainer supervision while running. The shorts provide great insights in your running exercise with biometrics through Lumo Run app and a state-of-the-art sensor. These shorts also offer audio instructions through your headphones giving you real-time response on your form or posture for instant enhancements. The inbuilt sensor is water-resistant, machine – washable and runs for a single month with one-time charge.

3. Epson Runsense SF-810

Don’t get diverted with all the fitness apps on your smart phone to track your routine. Epson Runsense is for the ones who are serious about workouts and want to track data to enhance their performance. With no phone notifications, the Epson Runsense gives you an accurate calibration of GPS, step count, tracks sleep, has a long 20 hours battery life, and syncs with third-party apps through nifty online tool. The drawback is that the screen brightness is not much of great; hence it is not a recommended one for older people.

4. Suunto Ambit3 Run

The Ambit3 has a smooth & slender display and cool features. The midrun metrics of lap comparisons and the recuperation advice based on these metrics in noteworthy in the gadget. It is of great help for multisport participants due to its capacity to calculate cycling speed and cadence. Also, this gadget can get connected and share data with many popular apps on your smart phone.

5. Under Armour Health Box

Under Armour, an incredibly booming brand in the field of sports apparel and accessories, has now announced its health box, filled with all the fitness armour you need for an ideal workout. The health box consists of a UA band (a slender rubber band) that tracks your step count, monitors your sleep, and notes your resting heart rate using a light sensor; a UA Chest strap that gives you more details on your heart rate; bathroom scales that connects to the UA app through wi-fi; Speedform Gemini 2 sneakers that track pace, walk or number of steps, and distance, through the acceleration sensors fit in the sneaker’s sole.

6. Altra Running IQ by iFit

One of the first of high-tech shoes, Alta Running IQ is an ideal runner’s shoe fitted with a multi-sensory system within the sole that syncs your shoes to your smart phone and provide helpful data about foot step count, cadence, and much more.

7. Sensoria Smart Clothing

One of the most advanced technology clothing and socks best fit for runners by Sensoria, it is designed to provide the athletes with valuable data and metrics about health and running through the electronic sensors embedded within. This data can be sent to a personal coach or noted in the smart phone app for performance enhancement in future.

8. HexoSkin

If you’re a serious runner or athlete, or a coach and are looking out a way to record the performance for future enhancements, then HexoSkin is the right running shirt for you, which is a first of its kind, biometric shirt designed for tracking sports workouts and sleep monitoring. It is also a movement, breathing and heart rate tracker. The HexoSkin is a wearable upper body garment that is easy to slip on and once worn, plug in the device and the body metrics are displayed on your smart phones.

9. Garmin VivoSmart HR

A wrist-based activity tracker, Garmin provides you the best of the activity trackers, with advanced features such as the ability to receive calls, texting, and other phone options. This ultra-tech smart wrist band doesn’t need any chest strap or any kind of set up to track heart rate and sends a real-time seamless heart rate data to the watch. All you need to do is simply turn on the ‘rebroadcasting’ mode on the watch!

10. FitBit Blaze

Meet the tech gadget where style meets functionality. For all those who want a more feature-rich watch to wear all day and track biometrics, Fitbit brings to you one of its kind of watch – Blaze. The watch tracks sleep, monitors heart rate, offers you various functions such as text, call notifications and much more. If you’re a tech savvy and concerned about health, FitBit’s Blaze is a must have!

Wearable tech is day by day becoming popular in the field of running. These variety of innovative and fresh products allow you to track, analyze and evaluate training and racing data in ways never before possible. Choose the best fit and ideal gadgets and accessories for yourself and gear up for a run this 2016.

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