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Fitness and Exercise Questions that Haunt your Mind

Most Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

Had a question about your fitness and exercise program? Here are some questions with the best solutions that solve your fitness puzzles and clarify your doubts. For those who are having questions regarding your personal fitness and exercise, but don’t know whom to ask, this post would be very useful. Despite providing huge information associated with fitness, exercise, healthy diet, weight maintenance and many more, we've got to know that most of the people are fighting for answers to some questions. So, we've put together a list of top questions with best responses.
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fitness and exercise questions that haunt your mi

1. What differentiates weight machines from free weights and which should be chosen?
Free weights includes dumbbells and barbells that are usually seen stacked up by walls in gyms. Working with free weights is the perfect and true reflection of your strength as they won’t offer any support while lifting them. You have to pick them up all by yourself.
On the other hand, resistance machines are designed so as to facilitate the ability you’ve in lifting weights at points where your joints requires the most assistance. These are the huge and complex looking structures. Unlike free weights, they help you through the ‘dead’ spots of a lift.
For a beginner who is new to training work with resistance machines until body is conditioned and at this point you can safely start training with free weights.
2. Why and what benefits, working with a personal trainer?
A professional and well experienced trainer is a knowledge base informing about what exercises suits you best, what diet plans are to be implemented, how long you need to rest and many more. Whilst you can get the same information by extensive research but at the expense of your valuable time with a lot many unknowns. Just the thought that you’ve to answer someone if you don’t show up is the best motivator.
3. What to choose for fat loss running or walking?
Running has a negative change in the body composition, if the nutrition is not carefully managed when running frequently, then you’ll be at a risk of exhausting your body’s glycogen stores thereby you forcibly make your body convert existing muscle into fuel to satisfy the workout activity. So walking and sprinting are the better ways for fat loss, whilst jogging should be chosen for running and not for burning fat.
4. How long to rest between workouts?
The amount of time to rest between workouts depends on the body condition and the nature of workouts you’re practicing. If you’re having sound experience in exercise and with good body condition then you can exercise daily and even twice a day, but with different exercises and also targeting distinct muscle groups. In the other case, if you’re new to exercise, specifically to resistance workouts, you should be implementing total body workouts in order to make your body adapt to the new stress. In this case, you should rest for at least around 48 to 72 hours.
5. What is the best diet plan to follow?
To reveal the truth the best diet plan is to follow a non-restrictive and balanced plan. Diets planned particularly for fat loss or other fitness programs are inherently temporary.
6. If the training practice is stopped will the muscle turn to fat?
This is just a misconception that is seen in the case of people like body builders who eat too much during the training and continue the same even after stopping the training resulting in increased calories.
But the truth is if you don’t overeat after you stop the training, your muscles lose bulk but your fat quantity remains the same.

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