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FitBug WOW, Best Body Fat Analysis Scale

The current fashion and passion for every individual is to maintain a fit and healthy body. Weight is the main component that decides the fitness and health range and is to be computed regularly to update workout strategies, so as to reach the target fitness goals. Now the point is all around how one can measure weight so accurately.  Being in a technology blessed era, there are plenty of gadgets readily available in the market to compute not only weight but also the complete workout results.

Fitness scales or blood monitors are the best appliances to measure one’s weight very accurately and easily. Among the large group of smart scales available, choosing one that best satisfies your needs is more important. FitBug WOW is the one stop solution to all your weight needs.

fitbug wow best body fat analysis scale

FitBug, the fast growing health and wellness coach, unveiled its first Bluetooth smart ready scale, FitBug WOW. It’s the sleek and smart fitness scale or blood monitor and is one of the best designs from FitBug. This wireless scale makes it easy to measure weight and well-being and syncs the data to the user mobile devices in real-time. Just standing on the scale will activate it and measures the body stats automatically. The report is effortlessly uploaded to your personal profile via Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth weight scale has the added advantage that you can upload the data wirelessly to the FitBug app. The features that make FitBug WOW stand apart from other scales are:

  • Long battery life
  • Accuracy
  • Supports multiple profiles
  • Durability and Reliability
  • Sync with Bluetooth smart ready phones currently and many more to come sooner or later

FitBug WOW, the perfect body fat scale won’t rely on Wi-Fi network like many other fitness scales, but directly connects to Smartphone or Tablet and thus is far-more user-friendly. This scale motivates you to eat better and do better, resulting in loss of weight. You need not do diets nor become slaves in the gym, this scale aids you in motivating to take more strides that you need to be active and reach your weight target.

This Bluetooth scale is fine looking with supreme display and facilitates with highly customizable web accounts for recording personal health data. It has great options to share the weight and health data with other users. This Bluetooth smart weight scale adds a lot of value into everyday health and fitness goals and the multi-user feature makes it stand out of its kind. No other appliance can beat FitBug weight monitoring scale in its features. The principal selling point of this body fat scale is that it’s cheaper than most of the other products that provides the similar features. 

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