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FitBug Products, wins market place with Best Features

Workout gadgets from FitBug revolutionized the gadget world, with their best features that are in no way comparable to any other devices. With FitBug devices you don’t need to do diets, and are no longer be slaves to the gym or huge exercise equipment. Workout devices from FitBug helps you in taking small strides and motivates you for a longer workout, which you need to be active and gain your fitness targets. The impact that other industry leading gadget manufacturers experienced will clearly show the efficiency and capabilities of FitBug products. These appliances make realistic changes to your daily routine, setting fun challenges, motivating for longer exercise routine and tracking your activity will make you achieve your health and fitness. The features of various products from FitBug are discussed together with how they differ from other fitness gadgets is discussed below:

FitBug AIR


fitbug products wins market place with best features

FitBug AIR is a small Bluetooth tracking device with 14 day workout memory and is a pedometer. Designed to work with the FitBugs' mobile app, it gives the user very accurate data than any other pedometer. It has a very good battery backup that lasts for around 6 months in the worst case. A total of 2 batteries comes in the pack and so for a period of 1 year you need not invest on any backup. The workout data can be updated into your FitBug account wherein you can track your all day and previous weeks’ exercise details. Together with supporting as a workout tool, it also forms a secondary clock, as the display would never go off. AIR forms an excellent way of staying motivated – which is one of the single most important drivers of gaining fitness and losing weight. This smart device syncs easily with your mobile and provides the accessibility to easily and readily track the data. The backlit is more usable as a torch to track the results with great visibility.
It's a fantastic device for both  beginners and advanced users, thanks to its array of features:

  • Affordably priced pedometer
  • Backup lasts for around 4 to 6 months, reducing the effort of regular charging
  • AIR has a wireless syncing
  • Display for immediate tracking
  • Portable and
  • Durable

Multi-functional and smart, its most useful readouts include the detailed assessments of:

  • Calories burnt
  • Steps taken
  • Aerobic steps
  • Distance elapsed

Great wearability choice:

  • Clip it    
  • Drop it into your pocket or bag
  • Hang it with the tag

FitBug ORB


fitbug products wins market place with best features-2

FitBug ORB is the best activity and sleep tracker which builds your fitness and health. This coin sized tracker makes you feel healthier and happier. With the advanced 3-axis accelerometer, you could accurately track 24/7, day and night, wherever and whenever required. The wireless Bluetooth technology helps you to send the workout stats to a compatible Smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. This device can track and store the data for 14 days and motivates you eat better, move more and reach target goals. The Orb manages your nutrition and monitors your activity so as to support in attaining your health goals. 
The features that make a FitBug ORB stand above other devices in the market are:

  • Cost effective
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Long battery back-up
  • Splash proof

The button sized ORB records:

  • Steps
  • Aerobic steps separated from total steps
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep patterns and efficiency

Kik the digital coach comes free with FitBug ORB and forms a real-time personal coach,

  • Computes your activity, food and sleep and sets daily targets to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Persistently inspires and encourages you by sharing articles on health, well-being, healthy eating habits and expert advice for fit and healthy living
  • Shares everything possible to see you fit and healthier
  • Spotlights your progress. You can view your improvement through the FitBug activity app or your online account

Like FitBug AIR, FitBug ORB also offers a great wearability choice for continuous performance tracking,

  • Clutch it to your trousers or belt
  • Hang it with the tag that comes in the pack
  • Wear it as a watch
  • Drop it into your pocket or bag

FitBug WOW


fitbug products wins market place with best features-3

You’re doing your exercises, but as well as keeping fit are those dreaded pounds coming off your middle or thighs? With FitBug WOW scale you can swiftly take action on your weight, whether it is to gain or lose weight and well-being. Simply standing on the scale will activate it and the data is effortlessly uploaded into your profile by way of Bluetooth. Being a Bluetooth low energy device, it has very good backup. These weight scales fall into the group of Bluetooth Smart health gadgets that sync with the FitBug app in real-time for better tracking purpose.  FitBug weight scale forms your best partner, showing your actual weight and motivates you to work more in order to achieve your target. This fat scale or blood monitor is much more sophisticated than wrist monitors and very useful in monitoring your weight loss.
This Bluetooth scale is fine trying with supreme display and facilitates with extremely customizable online accounts for recording personal health information. This weight scale adds merit into everyday health and fitness goals. No other appliance can beat FitBug weight scale in its features. The principal selling point of this body fat scale is that it’s cheaper than most of the other products that provides the similar features. This body weight analysis scale syncs and works readily with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad Mini and many more devices to come. Using this weight scale is a great enhancement for tracking your weight. 

The best features that come with FitBug WOW makes it the most opted fitness scale,

  • Supports multiple user profiles, thus a single would serve entire family requirement. You can upload data separately into different accounts.
  • Excellent battery life
  • Smooth, glossy and accurate weight scale
  • Durable and reliable
  • Connects directly and swiftly to your Smartphone or tablet and thus is more user-friendly than many other scales that rely on Wi-Fi
  • Available at an unbeatable price

FitBug WOW & AIR Bundle


fitbug products wins market place with best features-4

Whether you workout to lose weight or gain weight or stay fit and healthy, FitBug products would form the best package to stay on track and reach your goals. With FitBug AIR and WOW bundle, you not only can track your workout stats, but also can check your weight either in kilograms or pounds. With this FitBug products bundle you can track in-depth about your previous days and weeks stats through the online account.   The exclusive benefit that comes when you purchase this bundle is that you can save up to $20. 

This FitBug WOW together with AIR tracks:

  • Steps taken
  • Calories burnt
  • Distance covered
  • Aerobic steps
  • Weight and well-being

The FitBug products wins on price but will nowhere compromise with the quality standards. All the benefits of FitBug products resulted in a successful journey and triumphs over the market legend products. 

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