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FitBug ORB, the Coin Sized Activity Tracker

Best Activity and Sleep Tracker

Increase in health concern and the advancements in technology has had a great impact on the size and cost of exercise equipment. Heavy machines and personal trainers are being replaced by the gadgets that are technology blessed, portable, cost effective and durable. FitBug ORB is one such gadget that is cost effective, small in size, durable and user-friendly.

fitbug orb the coin sized activity tracker

FitBug ORB is an ingenious, Bluetooth smart, wireless activity and sleep tracker released in October 2013 by FitBug. Since the day of release it has its effect on the market leading fitness and health gadgets with its features and wins on price. Fitbug Orb is the best fitness tracker that does it all, whether you're looking to stay in shape, lose weight and feel great or stay fit. With a peculiarity in wearability choices, it is made available in the market in different colors so as to boost your style apart of your concern for fitness.

FitBug ORBs’ release has made an outstanding impact on increase in the presence of FitBug in the rapidly growing global Digital Health and Wearables Market. This activity tracker can be wirelessly connected to the Apple iOS and Android devices like iPhone range, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Bluetooth 4.0 enabled tablets including Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and the iPod touch. This connectivity feature benefits users with ready access to personalized health and fitness programs.

FitBug ORB is a low power consuming gadget. The battery backup lasts for a very long time of around 6 months. This feature keeps it high as there is no trouble of regular charging.

What FitBug ORB do on your behalf:

  • Tracks steps taken
  • Distance covered
  • Calories burnt
  • Sleep patterns and duration
  • Aerobic steps taken
  • Motivates you to move more
  • Helps you eat better

KiK, a digital coach:

  • KiK is a digital coach, comes free with FitBug ORB and will motivate users so as to reach the preset goals. KiK calculates the targets for activity, food and sleep and alerts the user to reach target.
  • KiK constantly inspires and encourages users, by sharing articles on health, well-being and activity plus healthy eating recipes and expert advice. In fact, KiK provides users everything that is needed to become fit and healthy
  • The progress is highlighted to keep the user on track through the FitBug activity app or online FitBug account.

Wear it at your way:

FitBug ORB is about the size of a coin. It is portable and comfortable to wear and carry anywhere. It is designed so that the users can wear it in multiple ways like:

  • As a watch
  • Clip to pants or bag or belt or pocket
  • Wear it around the neck with the tag
  • Drop it in the pocket or wallet 

How FitBug ORB stands out with other brand products:

FitBug ORB, stands out with its top features of tracking sleep efficiency and availability at a very low price apart from the activities that any other activity tracker can track.

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