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Escali BFBW200 Digital Scale – A review

There are many body weight scales in the market available. But not every single scale will give you precise and steady readings all the time. Even for someone with large feet, this scale is very helpful with its large surface and easy to note digital readings. Though this scale does not have specific settings for athletes to help them measure, this scale is a body fat analyzer for everyone with above average muscle mass.

escali bfbw200 digital Scale

Technical Specifications:

• Capacity: 440 lb or 200 kg.

• Weight displayed in: pounds or kilograms or stones (euro).

• 0.2 pound or 0.1 kilogram or 0.1 stone (euro) increments.

• Dimensions: 14” x 14” x 2” (35cm x 35cm x 5cm).


• Large platform surface area.

• Easy to read digital readings scale.

• Stylish look with glass surface.

• Can weigh easily up to 440lbs.

• Auto Shut-off feature for extended battery life.

• Durable and tough scale.

• Measures weight, body fat, muscle and body hydration.

The Escali digital bathroom scale is one of the most precise body weight scale that provide you with the data you need to get fit and healthy. It uses BIA technology to measure your weight, body fat and body water content, while the other high-end scales fail to do so.

As you move onto the scale with your naked feet, your body fat percentage, body water percentage and weight will be displayed across the large digital display one by one at a time. The BIA sends an electrical signal through the scale and into your feet and the rate at which the electric impulse travels through your body measures your measurements. The scale is heavy and sturdy and lets you set up the user profiles like your height, sex, etc., which then be noted and used to calculate weight, body fat and other measurements.

On the whole, this scale gives you precise readings of body-fat ratio, hydration percentage, and in general body weight. For this precision and detailed display of measurements, this scale is by and large recommended by many users who have bought this scale and has successfully been using it.

Most of the time, because of the auto-shut off feature, the scale has great battery life running up for many years. But there’s been rarely an evidence of battery being drained of for constant use. And the scale accurately weighs to the 1/10th of the pound. To reset the scales, press the enter button as soon as the scales are switched on to reset the user profile.

The scales are used safe to use for those who have metal surgical pins in them. Also, the modern pacemakers and other set in electronic devices these days are safe but consulting a physician before using such BIA tech scales, would be much better. The scale fails in providing athlete body weight settings which is helpful for athletic body individuals and other sportspersons. Because of this feature, there’s a marginal error shown in few cases in case of body weight-fat measurements.

Also, there are few other features lacking in this scale, as listed below.

• Doesn’t have the feature to sync with home Wi-Fi connection.

• Goes through your body profile readings every time it is tapped on.

• Not good for athletic body personality as there may be marginal error in readings.

Apart from these, the Escali BFBW200 Digital Scale is very widely accepted and recommended Body Fat and Water Digital Scale with many positive ratings and reviews across.

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