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Eco-Friendly Yoga Supports

Many beginners in yoga practice may find it difficult to deepen their pose for an effective result achievement, for which, yoga props have been introduced into the practice long back. But with the criteria like skin-friendly, organic or recycled fabric material made, and many other requirements of the yogis and yoginis led to the production of eco-friendly props which not only helps in their practice but also mother earth. The top 5 eco-friendly Yoga Bolsters or Blankets from the well-renowned yoga accessories brand will definitely help you in your yoga practice without any harm to the nature or to you.

friendly yoga supports

1. Hugger Mugger Recycled-Plaid Blanket: No ordinary blanket, this extra-thick blanket from Hugger Mugger provides the ultimate comfort and a soft yet firm support for all your Shoulder stand and restorative yoga poses. It is a woven fabric using recycled polyester and acrylic fibres. This Blanket is perfect choice for all the nature loving and skin-sensitive practitioners.

2. Wai Lana Eco-friendly Bamboo Towels: A very eco-friendly towels made of sustainable crop Bamboo, these towels are thick enough and when stacked up together, can be used as a firm support as a yoga blanket and these are very handy too in absorbing sweat quickly during your practice.

3. Hugger Mugger yoga bolsters: made of organic cotton material, these bolsters from Hugger Mugger are well known for their firm yet soft support for all your restorative yoga poses and are very eco-friendly accessories to use and are skin-friendly too.

4. Cotton Yoga Rug from Hugger Mugger: Another eco-friendly product from Hugger Mugger, this Blanket is thick enough and versatile that it can be used over a mat or folded and used as a blanket as well. The thick cotton rug is sturdy and resists bunching and helps you in many yoga poses subtly.

5. Wailana’s cosy cotton yoga blanket: A plush soft cotton rug of versatile uses, the natural material made yoga rug from Wailana is a sturdy and thick rug that can used instead of blocks or wedges as neck and head support. The natural cotton material makes the rug skin-friendly and great cushioning support.

Try the above best of yoga supports and choose the perfect companion for your yoga poses and help save mother earth in your way from the toxic materials.

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