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Control your body with your mind through yoga

Many a times we wonder at the term mind-body connection that we hear in yoga practice. It is not a coerced connection through practice, but it has been there from the time we were born. To understand the connection between the mind and body, here are a few examples: the pleasant feelings you get when you see or hear your favorite or the butterflies in your stomach, watering of your mouth at the sight of your favorite dish.

control your body with your mind through yoga

Many yogis and yoginis have been practicing the technique of mind over body control through yoga for centuries. Yoga acts as a healing therapy as well as a control over the body through various asanas and meditation.

Breathing techniques: the breathing techniques not only helps one reduce their tensions and anxiety, but also it relaxes the body and mind. It's the attention you give on your breathing that diverts the mind and reflects it out by changing our bodily attitude and the way we project ourselves.

Meditation: meditation is the practice of yoga in a serene environment helps you surpass the mind’s bustling activity of thoughts to the tranquillity and peace of pure bliss. There are many techniques in meditation like Vipassana and other kinds for a challenging and deep practice. This helps one a lot in maintaining a poise and keeping the bodily cravings at bay.

Apart from the yoga practice you can also control your body through your own awareness or observation on how you learn, where you tend to lean, what are your habits, etc.; which will help you discover your own self. Also, cultivate the habit of being peaceful all the time and no prejudice will help you keep your mind at peace which will affect bodily presence.

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