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Comprehensive Review of Current and Future Outlook for Wearable technology

This report provides a more comprehensive review of the current and future outlook for wearable technology

Wearable technology is also called wearable gadgets, are a category of technology devices that can be worn by a consumer and often include tracking information related to health and fitness. Wearable products have been around for decades, but recently they are becoming fashionable and popular. There is a possibility for wearable technology to upgrade our ambiance, progress our health and change the way we interact with others. Wearable technology will play a defining role in the future with the onset of personal products such as augmented authenticity glasses, smart watches and many others.

comprehensive review of current and future outlook for wearable technology

Some other wearable technology gadgets include devices which have small motion sensors to take photos and sync with your mobile devices and iPods. Most wearables have limited functionality; it may not be accurate to put them in the same ranks as smart phones and tablets. But the devices are inherently mobile besides hands free, which elucidate a lot of their appeal. It will take some time before marketers can actually access data from wearable’s to improve their mobile strategies, but that does not mean marketers should leave this new trend. On the opposite side, the growing popularity of wearables suggests they should develop their thinking to place a larger prominence given to the customer.

All the data that is available through a mobile device from people’s location, when and how frequently people use an app and the number of purchases they make. Still, there is a shortage of some key information about their physical and mindset which is especially valuable for brands. Anyhow, we can assume from the information we have.

Wearable technology manufactures still need to find their place in the mobile world and label the private importance associated with sharing personal data. Understanding the mindset and needs of mobile devices isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity this is what the marketers learn about wearable technology. Societies have to decide how comfortable they are with wearables. However, like any technology, wearable must operate in fact, with the law.

The rise of wearable technology brings exciting new possibilities and is set to become widespread in the future. Any product must pass wearable test and smart test.

Wearable test: Being worn for an extended period of time; Smart test: Having advanced circuitry, wireless connectivity and independent processing.

Fitness and Wellness devices which pass the tests of wearable technology, are used in the monitoring of activity and emotions

Health and medical devices should pass the two tests of Wearable technology and require FDA approval. They are used in monitoring of imperative signs, as well as for enhancing senses.

Industrial and Armed Forces devices overtake the two tests of wearable technology and receive, transmit real time data in military and industrial environments.

Infotainment devices overstep the two trials of wearable technology and are used to receive and transmit entertainment or enhanced lifestyle purposes.

Future challenges:

  • The wearable technology should be able to make the user's life smarter, richer and less complicated.
  • Connectivity is another challenge currently; the Wearable technology devices are a threat to the smart phone using Bluetooth connectivity. This may be fine for now, but finally, it might want to have a wearable device independent of smart phones.

The world of wearable technology is getting more upgraded with new technology. The trend is no longer just a curious idea that caused gadget lovers to get hot under the collar. It is now becoming more of a reality for all of us.

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