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Bluetooth in Medicine, Good Support to Practitioners

Bluetooth in Medicine, for Real Health Care to Practitioners

The advancements in nanotechnology had its effective foot in Medical treatment resulting in tremendous outcomes both in treatment and medicines. A disease known is half cured and the medicine responsible for the cure is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.Time, being the most valuable part of life for a medical practitioner, most of the time is being spent in taking physiological readings. It’s not apt for practitioners to spend most of their time in data acquisition.

bluetooth in medicine good support to practitioners

The alternative is what Qualcomm calls is for “Body Area Network”, which results the practitioners with “Real Health Care”.

The wireless pills developed by Proteus Digital Health by Qualcomm; powered by stomach acid, sends temperature and acidity data to a sensor in the abdomen through electrical impulse with bodies as the conductor.

Apart from the wireless pills, Proteus Digital Health is making an edible sensor that fits into a pill and informs the doctor when a pill is taken by his patient. These are expected to be released by late 2014. They are building chips from copper, silicon and magnesium and of the size of 1 mm square that can be inserted into a pill. In any case, if the patient consumes pills erratically then his doctor will immediately reduce the dose and take necessary steps. This sensor gathers and considers dozens of other points including heart rate to an in detail picture of patient health.

This Bluetooth in medicine sends information to any mobile synced with it and thus alerts the patients relative or friend or doctor about their current health condition. And this is how it benefits everyone especially for medical practitioners it saves great time.

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