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Best Yoga Poses for Athletes

Known for stability, flexibility, balance and strength training and toning, today yoga is being practiced by athletes or sports persons, more than any other individual or even yoga gurus. Apart from these qualities, yoga has also become popular for offering a calm and serene mind which is very much needed for the athletes to focus on the goal. Also, it is gaining tread fast popularity for it offers a great way of exercise all the while relaxing body and mind.

Yoga comes as a therapeutic relief for the sports-persons as muscle injuries or joint injuries are very common for athletes and yoga provides the remedy as few of the asanas are meant only for toning and building of muscles. Also, flexibility is of paramount for athletes to excel in career, whatever being the sport which can easily be achieved practicing certain yoga poses regularly under proper guidance.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes:

Given here are the top yoga poses that are of immense help for the athletes to be free of stiff muscles or aching tendons and attain balance and flexibility for excellence in the sport. Before going to start these yoga poses, it is very important to buy an eco-friendly yoga mat to practice yoga perfectly.

1. Triangle Pose:

To start a power routine with, the triangle pose is apt as it is simple and warms up the body for the upcoming routine, perfectly. This pose is well known for stretching the side body and improves and extends the hip hinge movements. This pose is the best for the sports individual who requires many one sided spins or core turnings especially in certain sports like baseball, golf, tennis etc. This pose is good for toning the shoulder muscles and calf muscles and tendons in the thighs.

    • To do this asana, stretch legs apart as much as possible and turn to your right/left or back about 900 and keep your feet pointing forward.
    • Raise your arms parallel to the floor and now bend over perpendicularly to touch your foot that has been stretched out.
    • In this position, your sides, arms and legs will be stretched as much as possible.
    • Hold in this pose for 30 seconds to a minute before switching to the other side.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes

2. The Warrior Pose:

This pose is another simple way of stretching your body. It is good for toning your thigh muscles and arms as this pose requires half squatting all the while stretching your thighs and arms.

    • To do this pose, stretch your legs apart as much as possible like the triangle pose and turn to your sides 900.
    • Stretch out your arms parallel to the ground or floor.
    • Now bend the right knee at a right angle and bend forward, stretching your left leg. At this time you must feel the stress in the left thigh. Try to maintain hip, thigh and knee in one line with the left and right feet.
    • Hold this pose for about 30 seconds to one minute before changing to other sides.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-2

3. Low Lunge Crescent Pose:

This pose concentrates on many of the upper and lower muscle areas and is perfect for toning them. This pose is also safe to perform and is easy. This is another yoga pose for toning and working out the muscle groups in the body. This pose is good for all runners or football players as it gives maximum stretch required for the body.

    • To do this pose, keep your legs together and bend over to touch your feet.
    • Now stretch your right leg out as far as possible to the extent you feel the pull in your right thigh.
    • Now stretch out your hands in the upward direction and bend back keeping in mind that the left knee must be always in right angle.
    • Be in this position for a minute before changing legs and stretching back.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-3

4. Pyramid Pose:

This pose is of great help for those who wish to strengthen and tone the abdomen muscles, legs and spine and also lengthen hamstrings. It might be of a difficulty for most of them to complete the pose in the beginning but gives maximum flexibility and becomes easy on practice.

    • To perform this asana, keep your right foot forward and left foot turned to the sides for balance.
    • With hands folded at the sides or clasped at the back, bend forward towards the stretched foot as much as possible.
    • If your body is so flexible try to touch your head to your knees in this position, but make sure that you do not bend your knees at any point of time.
    • Hold in this position for 30 seconds to one minute before changing sides.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-4

5. Low Lunge with Quad Stretch Variation:

This pose is similar to that of the low lunge except with a variation where the person performing this pose has to hold the stretched out leg. This pose is great for quadriceps and frees the hamstrings and hips.

    • To do this pose, keep your legs together and bend over to touch your feet.
    • Now stretch your right leg out as far as possible to the extent you feel the pull in your right thigh.
    • Now balancing yourself, try to catch hold of the stretched leg (left leg) and maintain this posture for 30 seconds to one minute as shown below in the picture before shifting to the other leg and repeating the pose.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-5

6. Dolphin Pose:

It expanses the upper back and shoulders, hamstrings, calves and foot curves at a time. This pose is of great help for achieving flexibility and relieving the body of tight body and rigidness.

    • To perform this pose, bring your legs together. Now in this pose, bend forward till you touch down your head to the ground.
    • At this point, take help of your elbows for balance and lift your legs balancing on toes.
    • Try to raise as much as possible, lengthening the tail bone and raising hips towards the ceiling
    • Hold this pose for 30 seconds before returning to normal and then repeat.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-6

7. Cobra Pose:

The cobra pose is very easy pose to perform but is of great help to tone your back muscles as well as arms and shoulders and abdomen muscles as well. This pose will relieve the tight abdomen muscles and overly tight chest muscles. This is great for all athletes and sports-persons.

    • To do this asana, lie down facing the floor and relax.
    • Take a deep breath and lift your upper torso balancing your weight on your hands as shown below.
    • Hold this pose for 30 seconds to one minute before releasing the breath and coming back to normal.
    • Do not forget to inhale while lifting the chest and exhaling while lying back.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-7

8. Camel Pose:

This pose is perfect for all those individuals and athletes who stay in hunched positions all the time due to which the back muscles are elongated, while the chest muscles are contracted. This pose is a good stretch for complete body and helps relax the body while releasing tension. Bikers, cyclists and other athletes whose sport requires hunched position, gain much from this pose

    • To do this asana, sit on your knees straight and relax.
    • Now raise your back and arch back taking support of your ankles as shown in the pic.
    • Arch back as much as possible as this pose gives maximum stretch to the complete body.
    • Hold in this position for as long as possible before coming back to the original position.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-8

9. Pigeon Pose:

Every time an athlete takes part in an event or warm up or workout heavily, it’s the sole of their feet that takes much of the pressure. Yoga’s pigeon pose or a variation of this pose actually helps the athletes by lengthening the plantar muscles at the bottoms of our feet.

    • To start with the pose, lie down on the ground with face downwards and your soles facing up.
    • Now fold your toes under the heels so that the heels are facing up.
    • Now bring one leg below your tummy and rest your whole body on the leg placed under and lie down or look up.
    • Either way you feel the pressure building up in the knees and feet. Though this pose can be of difficulty in the start, this can be of great help in relaxing the soles.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-9

10. Reclined Spine Twist:

This pose helps to relax the muscles and spine in the upper and lower backs after a hard and lengthy workout. It also eases the tension in the neck and back muscles and helps to quiet the mind at the same time.

    • To do this pose, lie down on your back facing upwards and relax.
    • Now bring together your legs to your chest and bend them to the sides so that the knees touch the floor completely.
    • As you bend your knees, face the opposite side with an arm facing out and hold the pose for a minute before you change sides as shown below.

Best Yoga Poses for Athletes-10

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes:

  • The ultimate benefit of yoga for athletes is the relief they get from the aching or soaring muscles or joints as the main purpose of the postures is intended at relaxation and flexibility.
  • Relief from stressed minds in the form of meditation and stress relieving poses.
  • Also, yoga improves the core strength and balance which are very much needed for the mind and body co-ordination to excel in the sport.
  • Focus will be greatly improved for an athlete to deal with stress and emphasis on the aim.

Time to get ready to work out for a toned, well-built muscles and a relaxed mind with Yoga. The above said poses are worthy and most effective which always give stunning results. The practice of yoga everyday keeps one fit and healthy.

Happy Practicing!

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