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Best Yoga Mats 2016

Yoga is an ancient form of spiritual and physical discipline that will help us attain peace and harmony to body and soul, through various breathing techniques and asanas. While many physical training routines need heavy equipment, Yoga asanas require minimal gear to work on.

Yoga asanas require a serene environment and a stable, non-slippery surface to work with; for which, the yoga mats are used to provide good traction. To choose a good yoga mat, there are many factors to be taken into consideration such as stickiness, weight of the mat, texture of the mat, thickness, type of material used, durability and size. The most ideal purpose of a good yoga mat is to provide ideal support and shock absorption against hard, cold floor and support vulnerable joints like knees, elbows and hips from getting hurt.

Though most of the factors seems to be avoidable, the amount of traction a yoga mat provides, its sweat absorbing properties and its size are the most common and important points to be noted. From eco-friendly yoga mats to yoga mats for beginners, amongst the many available in the market, we bring to you the best of the yoga mats that have been trending this year.

While many brands are available on the market shelf, Gaiam and Hugger Mugger brands are always on top of the charts and here are the top 5 yoga mats for you.

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Gaiam print restore yoga mat (3mm)

Gaiam is a yoga brand that has been rated the most for its fine quality yoga mats, bolsters and other accessories for a comfortable yoga practice. This yoga mat is a sticky, 3mm thick and is a sticky mat. Available in many prints, this yoga mat has been rated the most and provides a good surface for yoga practitioners. Made of durable material to last long, the Gaiam’s restore yoga mats are the best choose amongst many.

Gaiam prints premium yoga mats

Topping off the charts again, Gaiam’s premium yoga mats are the ones to choose for their thickness, sticky nature and excellent traction properties. A yoga mat free of phthalates and other toxic materials, this premium yoga mat is long enough and is ideal for everyone.

Hugger Mugger Tapas original mat

Hugger Mugger is another brand name that is well renowned in the yoga world for its quality products. The tapas original mat is a popular yoga mat for its thickness, durability, non-sticky, and easily maintainable. Available in different prints, this mat is one to grab on among the best of the mats.

Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute Mat

A very eco-friendly mat, made of natural jute material, this mat is a very lightweight, durable and sturdy. Perfect for a comfortable yoga practice vinyasa style, this high density yoga mat from Hugger Mugger is one to have for.

Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Mat

Another top rated yoga mat from Hugger Mugger, this is a sticky rubber mat that is made to provide good traction and non-slippery surface. With most of the yoga practitioners going for natural plant material, this rubberized yoga mat is top of charts in the yoga world.

Choose the material and your yoga mat from the best according to your needs wisely and have a comfortable and relaxed yoga practice with the best of the accessories.

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